LP (3) by Container

Following extensive touring, from basements to Berghain and an impressive back catalogue of electro underground conquering releases (including two EP’s on Morphine and Liberation Technologies), Ren Schofield returns with the most powerful Container LP yet. The excellently titled ‘LP3’ is straight to business with merciless, distorted beats and squealing feedback, mainaining full on, relentless chaos to the death.

Vinyl LP £16.99 SP040

LP on Spectrum Spools.

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LP (3) by Container
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8/10 Ant 11 June 2015

The third Container LP on Spectrum Spools is so intense I got a nosebleed just looking at the sleeve. Folks enjoying his previous noisy techno output on Morphine and Liberation Technologies can rest assured Ren Schofield’s not reached the chill out record stage just yet. In fact this is possibly the fiercest most energetic emission from Container thus far...

‘Eject’ opens with high BPM, brutal crunching snares and searing, gnarly synth relentlessly tearing shit up amongst the distorted percussion and squealing electronics. Kinda sounds like being savaged and ripped to shreds by some evil droids. The manic rhythms of ‘Remover’ feel like they’re constantly accelerating, the kicks pound hard and the metallic percussion is particularly viscious. ‘Cushion’ recalls elements of old Belgian techno, Caustic Window or dirty old acid from the likes of Unit Moebius, Beverly Hills 808303, Drop Bass Network label, etc. sharing a raw box jam aesthetic.

Onto the manic, hyper electro of ‘Absorb’ where drum machines spit out relentlessly frantic rhythms. I visualise being on acid, watching the man tweaking his boxes live, over-driven and overworked they explode, bursting into flames in some horrific accident/ Spinal Tap pyrotechnics display where I conclude that it was a divine intervention and punishment for the intentional misuse use of electricity to corrupt minds.

‘Peripheral’ is tough, distorted yet kinda funky hard electro with robotic acid noise and thunderous bass. I can totally see a freaky dancefloor going ape shit to this track in particular. ‘Appliance’ is pretty much drum machine and f/x I think -- minimal but effective metallic rhythms where face shredding hi-hat’s become sharp and deadly as face sweeping Samurai blades.

This record is many seemingly contradictory things; transcendent, humorous, danceable, fun, cathartic, violent, ridiculous, noisy, funky and above all INTENSE. 


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