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Here’s a mini album from Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey, under the guise of The Catenary Wires. Both were members of Tender Trap and since its ending, they have formed this acoustic, breezy folk duo. Red Red Skies contains eight tracks which showcase just how beautifully the couple’s vocals meld together as they create gentle, intimate and engaging melodies which seem, like the best folk songs, to have been around forever.       

CD or 10” clear vinyl. Vinyl comes with download code. Limited to 500 copies.

10" £14.99 ER1199LP

Clear vinyl 8-track 10" on Elefant. Numbered edition of 500 copies.

  • Includes download code.
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CD £10.99 ER1199

CD on Elefant.

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Red Red Skies by The Catenary Wires
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7/10 Clinton Staff review, 29 May 2015

The excellent recent documentary on Sarah Records revealed that most of the protagonists of this scene were still alive, kicking and have very nice drawing rooms indeed. Spain’s Elefant Records are also doing their bit to keep the scene going recently releasing records by ex Field Mice's Lightning in a Twilight Hour. This latest record is a quite unbelievably twee collaboration between Amelia Fletcher OBE (Heavenly/Tallulah Gosh/Chief Economist at the Office of Fair Trading etc) and her man friend Rob Pursey.

It’s an intimate affair made just of lightly strummed acoustic guitars and the pairs close mic'd vocals. On opener ‘Intravenous’ they sing together  - Fletcher girlish in one ear, Pursey a man in the other ear. It’s very sweet but they are still prone to drifting into "ba ba ba’s" something I’ve never understood about indie pop. All the songs have a very similar thing going on but they confuse headphone listeners by swapping ears all the time.

Your tolerance of the record will depend upon how much you can take of middle aged indie-poppers whispering sweet nothings into your ears. It’s like eating an entire thing of candy floss. I feel a bit sick especially when they sing "feels just like our first date". Awww I just ain’t romantic am I? Wholesome veteran indie-pop fun though. Won't harm children or animals. 

7/10 SteveeeNash Customer review, 10th July 2015

Indie pop royalty Amelia Fletcher (Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research, Sportique & Tender Trap) & Rob Pursey (The Inane, Heavenly, Marine Research, Sportique & Tender Trap), have been collaborating since the late Eighties and have collaborated once again this time as The Catenary Wires, a duo, a stripped down duo at that, vocal harmonising, acoustic guitars and the odd melodica but it makes for a surprising change.

Intravenous is quite a fast-paced affair which could easily be imagined in their usual electric format, it could almost act as a demo for such a track, a very polished demo of course. It sets the scene perfectly however. When you walk away, with it's bittersweet lyrics is a haunting delight, the verses, middles & harmonic choruses are sewn together to make something pretty special.

A different scene is extremely strong, a charming interplay between both vocally, it moves up and down from the light of the verses to the dark of the choruses, it really displays the high calibre of song writing these two are capable of.

Throw another love song sees the duo go as country as I could possibly imagine either ever going, it has a sophisticated drop into the minor chords in the choruses and this time Amelia takes over the harmonies. All that's missing is a lap steel. Like a fool is classic Amelia/Rob though, again if this track was electrified it would have "C is the heavenly option" written all over it but it works equally nicely in this acoustic format.

There has been quite a trend for the female/male duo lately (She and Him and Adam Green and Binky Shapiro to mention two fine example) and this album follows in similar fashion. It is pretty one paced and the overall sound varies little from track to track but that takes nothing away from the quality and loveliness of the songs within.


THE CATENARY WIRES - A Different Scene [Audio] - YouTube


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