Implausible / remarkable team up here from Norman favourites Sleaford Mods and The Pop Group: a split 7” giving us a track from each. The Sleaford selection is an (even) rougher version of a track from their forthcoming album, and Mark Stewart’s boys give us one from their latest. On Freaks R Us.

Limited Vinyl 7" £6.99 FREAK16

Limited 7" on Freaks R Us. Edition of 500 copies.

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Nations / Face To Faces by The Pop Group / Sleaford Mods
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8/10 Clinton 25 June 2015

Whoever out these two groups together knew what they were doing. Both are (relatively) elderly but they say more than all the more youthful anodyne groups put together.

I have a hunch that the new Sleaford Mods album is going to be a good one. There's plenty more left to say, right? Plenty more grimy bass lines to sample. 'Face to Faces' does nothing that they haven't done before but they continue to do it well. Whilst the country is still shit there'll always be a place for Sleaford Mods incendiary anger - there's no sign yet of them doing a The Streets and singing about the wrong type of Malteser on their rider. I do enjoy it when Jason Williamson's bark temporarily breaks out into song. It does here on the word 'alive' and it's worth the admission price only.

Overleaf clanking fuming blokes the Pop Group do something that is not unlike Sleaford Mods in that its a vomit of words over a pulsating repetitive post punk riff. There's different styles of delivery  - if Jason Williamson is the bloke on street with the brain in his head, Mark Stewart is the posh businessman on the tube tired of everything. Both are fucking livid.     

10/10 Mister Legs 13th August 2015

The Pop Group and the Sleaford Mods? What more could you want from a seven inch slab of pristine vinyl? Apart, perhaps from a colllaboration between two dine exponents of their individual arts....

West Country paranoia master Mark Stewart and his Pop Group compatriots deliver in spades, again - as do the Sweary Boys of the east Midlands with another well observed slice of minimalist punk/rap/hip hop.

A fantastic release right up there with all the Sleafords single relases in it's wonderfulness.

9/10 Warren Allett 17th June 2015

Picked this single up from a Sleaford Mods gig in London, was having a read of both the Pop Group's and Sleaford's lyrics on the way home. Both excellent, and both transferred even better when music was added behind them. Both have very good rhythms, clever lyrics, catchy melodic lines, but the best part of this split for me was Jason Williamsons lyrics on Seaford Mods' side, stating 'Boris on a bike, quick knock the cunt off'. WE ONLY LIVE IN HOPE THAT THIS COULD EVEN HAPPEN. But no -- really good split, worth buying, especially if you like both bands.


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