Why Make Sense? by Hot Chip

There is very little known about the music on Why Make Sense? the new album from indie/electronica act Hot Chip but what is known is that every sleeve for every copy on CD or vinyl will be subtly different due to a never-before-used printing technique. Hot Chip fans will be delighted! The album was produced by the band and Mark Ralph in London and Oxfordshire.

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LP + limited indies only 'Separate' 12" EP on Domino.

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Why Make Sense? by Hot Chip
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3/10 Laurie 13 May 2015

A frail CD drops onto my dusty review pile, its sense of importance emanating in strong cloudy waves. You can almost smell the festival tent arenas through the omnipresent cardboard and coffee whiff that graces Norman Towers daily. The dust clears, and a robotic voice proclaims “Huarache Lights”. It’s saying the name of the first song.

Not long after these first embarrassing seconds, that funk beat comes in, complete with a torrent of synth stabs and a whole load of “ah yhuh!”s, and it is at this point that you wonder if they’re totally serious. Maybe they’ve had some sort of revelation and are now engaging in self-aware mockery. But I doubt it. It seems as though they’ve got too carried away with trying to be as funky and soulful as possible that they forgot to make some good pop songs, and are left with little but mildly glossed drivetime balladeering.

Lets at least give these songs a chance though, eh? The second song, with the beautiful title of ‘Love Is The Future’, has some even more over-egged “mm mm uh huh”s and another single-word poignant refrain of “Correction”. Jee-sus. I suppose that a band is doomed when they start a song with their recording troubles as a metaphor for relationships (“Baby roll off the high end / And let’s get that guitar track right”). 3rd tune - what is the function of that key change? WHY? I could drop out of this ‘picking at individual songs’ thing and make a general point, but it’s just too much fun, so just one more - the only song that ‘Started Right’ is the one that nicked the riff from ‘Superstition’.

As concentration and tolerance fades in the face of Hot Chip’s latest, it all becomes abundantly clear - the concept of the album is to not make sense, reflecting the aims of the band to not make good music and their refusal to admit that they are a parody of themselves. I suppose it’ll be your bag if you’re a fan of Galaxians or something, more likely you’ll stumble into the tent they’re headlining this summer blind drunk and fall over laughing. Remember everyone, LOVE IS THE FUTURE!

8/10 João Bernardo da Luz 28th April 2015

When did Hot Chip ever not make sense?! They have always been very avant-gard in the pop-side of electronica, and with 'Why Make Sense?' they come back in full form, even more 4/4 well conceived electronic sounds, probably from Joe Goddard's solo adventure, along with his 2 Bears duo!

The single 'Huarache Lights' is a great taster, with the usual prestine Alexis Taylor trademark vocals, and lyrics, alongside a great instrumental, that sounds like a crossover between Soulwax, DFA and Goddard's solo work, maybe we can expect a Soulwax Remix on this one, hein?!

Overall a highly antcipated record, that will not disapoint!



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