Dysnomia by Dawn Of Midi

Looping minimalist acoustic patterns in abundant layers, Dawn of Midi are releasing their most hypnotizing and trance-inducing album. Borrowing a bunch of folk influences from the African coasts, the trio have produced an electronic album that would make Steve Reich proud. Dysnomia is released in black and limited edition clear vinyl!

Vinyl LP £19.99 ERATP068LP

LP on Erased Tapes.

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CD £11.99 ERATP068CD

CD on Erased Tapes.

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Vinyl LP £21.99 ERATP068LE

CLEAR vinyl repress LP on Erased Tapes.

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Dysnomia by Dawn Of Midi
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9/10 Laurie 27 May 2015

You won’t find any Midi here. Unless this Brooklyn trio are masters of sonic lies, all of the music they create is pulled from the combination of drums, piano and bass, but you’d hardly notice. Many many layered, persistent rhythms overlap from familiar sound sources being used in an unfamiliar way to make Dysnomia an exciting listen.

Dawn of Midi’s sound centres around instrumental pointillism and evolving repetition, much like the American minimalists. They are also self-confessed admirers of electronic music, and the influence from more dance-oriented styles really shows, not only by their allegiance to Erased Tapes, but also through shifting polyrhythms and trance-inducing loops. Clint must know that I love polyrhythms by now, half the bloomin stuff that comes my way contains a hypnotic groove or ten (at once). Fans of Ex-Easter Island Head and Portico Quartet’s pre-Ninja Tune stuff will appreciate these post-techno acoustic cycles, as will followers of open-minded electronic labels such as Text.

I seem to end up in sort of blanked-out head nod state when this comes on, and I’ll bet that some of you enjoy staring blankly at things too. For an alternative perspective I’ll include Ian’s review: “That was doing my bloody ‘ed in by the end!!” - says the guy who listens to reverbed guitar distortion marathons.

8/10 Lars Dideriksen 1st July 2015

The playing on this album is a feat in itself. The timing and precision is impeccable. One could question the fact that acoustic musicians now sound like machines, but hey, when they do it like this I'll play along. The sound still have the micro disturbances that acoustic recordings have which no computer can mimic. "Dysnomia" is minimal to say the least and all the more powerful for it. Fans of The Necks should check this out. Jazzers going repetitive without it getting boring. And no, they don't SOUND like The Necks. But what they do is equally impressive. Recommended! The price tag made me go for the cd, thought, although, I'd prefer to have bought the vinyl. Sad development these days: Music being made into luxury items.



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