Unpolished, and harsh, Spray Paint pack a lot of energy. From the barren streets of Austin, TX, they have chosen vinyl as their medium for unleashing their no wave punk upon us: Punters on a Barge harbors paranoid, atonal tracks that will have you jump awake in the night. Which is totally our kind of jam.

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Punters On a Barge by Spray Paint
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8/10 Hayley 28 May 2015

Austin trio Spray Paint exhibited a predilection for scuzzy and coarse post punk with their debut album Clean Blood, Regular Acid. With new follow-up Punters On A Barge they’ve not strayed from their stumbling, noise-rock tendencies. Instead,  they’ve made everything sound even noisier and messier than before,  rather than cleaning up their sound which tends to happen on a lot of second albums.

Look no further than stand-out ‘Day Of The Rope’: it’s impulsive, repetitive drum-beats and acerbic lyrical sarcasm akin to the more harsh, kraut rock elements of early Fall. It’s a little bit derivative, but they still have their own take on that dark, churning post punk sound.  Plus, if you’re going to sound like any band, you might as well draw inspiration from one of the best bands in the world. 

Described as No-Wave on most of the press drivel for the band, it’s a fitting description of what’s on offer here. Don’t expect the usual melodic and spidery guitar riffs you get with most modern post-punk bands: musically, it’s not easy to like in terms of accessibility and lyrically, it’s just downright bizarre and at times quite funny: "pay your fucking rent" spits singer Chris, his monotone vocals sounding eerily like a lot of other American singers from 90s noise bands but I can’t put my finger on exactly who. The thumping rhythms and paranoid tone are what makes this album great though.

Pleasingly disorientating and unashamedly unlikeable, Punters On A Barge would suit anyone with a fondness for abrasive and noisy post-punk. 



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