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On CD or Limited Black or Orange Vinyl on Season of Mist. Goliathan is Weedeater’s fifth studio album has been highly anticipated since the acrimonious leaving of the original drummer. Travis Owen (Whores, Zoroaster) has stepped in to fill his boots, and yet again deliver a healthy slab of stoner-sludge-rock. Red-eyed and ‘ev-eh.

Limited Vinyl LP £21.49 SOM355LPCO

Limited ORANGE vinyl LP on Season Of Mist.

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  • Limited edition
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CD £14.49 SOM355D

CD on Season of Mist.

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Limited Vinyl LP £21.49 SOM355LP

Limited BLACK vinyl LP on Season Of Mist.

  • Limited edition
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Goliathan by Weedeater
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7/10 Robin 14 May 2015

“Come on guys, let’s give them a chance”, says Laurie of Weedeater, readying himself to award them the coveted 420/10 ranking for our fine website. Unfortunately we believe in a little thing called critical integrity at Norman Records dot com, so the review was passed on to me. Continuing their fine stoner metal synergy at the rapid pace of zero point one miles an hour, Weedeater are back with ‘Goliathan’, a record more sludgy and unkind than ever before. After a quick country ditty sample, the band launch into the usual: low end, my friends, and lots of it.

If you want to know what it sounds like when giant overlord snails start a rock band, here’s your answer: the band are growling through songs that would make Sleep feel sleepy, and for once, they seem to be taking things with a degree of seriousness, not cracking the usual puns and backwards cliches -- although they do still scowl out things like “I’ll blow your miiiiiind!” over riffs so buried in the ground they barely sound like riffs. The drums are dynamic but dour, never managing to claw their way out of the dirt.

If you like Weedeater for the circularity of their guitars and the constant march of bouncy but blunt rhythms, then nothing has changed on ‘Goliathan’: if anything, the only difference is that the band have introduced a welcome conceptual strand to their music, using little country samples as a way of demarcating the difference between their horrible sound and the pleasant world that exists around it. As ever, this is crushing.



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