Happy-go-dancy indie rockers Passion Pit are finally back with a new album. Kindred is filled to the brim with high pitched vocals, joyful synthesizers and extremely energetic beats that carry the whole thing. Here’s hoping the album is up to the same level as 2009’s Manners. We are ready for amazing things to happen.

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Kindred by Passion Pit
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3/10 Clinton 16 April 2015

The first thing to note about helium-voiced danceable pop-sters Passion Pit's new album is what constitutes major label artwork. Strangely reminiscent of the sleeve to Moody Blues 'Every Good Boy Deserves Favours' album it pictures a dough-faced boy staring away from a kitchen table whilst adults chat in the background. If this becomes an iconic image like the child on Nirvana's 'Nevermind', I'll eat it I swear.  

I remember sorta liking the early Passion Pit stuff but haven't heard much in the intervening years so therefore what comes out of the record player has chilled me to the bone. It's neo boyband bouncy pop that is so falsely happily that it actually makes you very depressed indeed. On opener 'Lifted Up (1985) they most recall the work of One Direction. It has a squeaky chorus that actually hurts your ears in a way Merzbow could only dream of.  Everything squeaks and squelshes, 'Whole Life Story' sounds like the sort of song Ben Gibbard might have written on the night he got together with Zooey Deschanel (spinning at 78rpm). It's that happy. 

B side opener 'Dancing on the Grave' is bland enough not to alarm but it's the chorus of 'Until We Can't (Let's Go)' which makes me question what it actually is I'm listening to. Firstly I've never heard a voice so high in popular music. So high in fact that I've had to employ a dog in order to discern its lyrics and I can't imagine the chorus appealing to anyone over the age of 12 years old. 'Looks Like Rain' is a moody piece which would serve very well as a New Kids on the Block comeback weeper.

Truly macabre stuff throughout. The best that I can hope for Passion Pit is that they land one of the guest spots on the Voice as this will probably sound quite ok on brash Saturday night TV. 



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