Frozen Silence by Sakana Hosomi + Chihei Hatakeyama

Frozen Silence by Sakana Hosomi and Chihei Hatakeyama is a meditative drone piece that uses guitar and synthesizer to create a sound supposedly reminiscent of ice cracking. The album was recorded live in Hosomi’s own studio. The cover photo sets the mood for the music well and is called “Iceland Republic” and was taken by Japanese photographer Harumi Shimizu.

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Frozen Silence by Sakana Hosomi + Chihei Hatakeyama
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9/10 Laurie 01 July 2015

What happens when a guitar and a synth blur together for minutes and minutes? Ice cracking, according to Hatakeyama / Hosomi / one of their associates. I’m hearing a lot more melting than cracking, a sort of slow ooze perhaps. But would you expect less from the Japanese man that Robin has dubbed ‘the floaty monarch’ and his partner in climb Sakana Hosomi, someone of little information or output (but who, according to Discogs, is part of the groups Maju and Neima). Hailing from the often-icy island of Hokkaido, Hosomi let Chihei into his studio abode to mimic frosty whirlwinds and glassy surfaces.

It begins with the aforementioned melty dreamscape before collapsing into beautiful walls of pink noise that really does sound like being immersed in an avalanche. Raspy and brittle, the drone looms like Mount Meakan collapsing eternally. Until the track ends 3-4 minutes later. A piano emerges from the fog, its form fractured and indistinct while the sound of twigs crackles away amid ebbing tones. I’d compare this as a whole to Pan American’s Sketch for Winter tape (obviously) and Hatakeyama’s work with Hakobune, Vibrant Colour, but with a more diverse palette.

The gorgeous crumbling textures that enter the majority of the tracks here are what make this so delicious. Ice cracking for sure.


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