Sleep Scale by Devon Loch

Minimalistic organs and piano mixed in acoustic collages. Slightly dissonant and distractedly meandering. Sleep Scale is hypnotizing, somnambulant almost. The debut by Devon Loch, joined here by Ela Orleans and Best Available Technology, sounds like the demented memoirs of pure energy. And I mean that in a good way.

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7-track 12" EP + giant fold-out poster on Kit Records.

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Sleep Scale by Devon Loch
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8/10 Clinton 01 May 2015

Devon Loch was a horse which suffered an epic fail at the 1956 Grand National when it jumped over a fence that wasn’t there. This Devon Loch is a soundscapist working in the field of sleepy pulsating synth-scapes which initially recall the ‘70’s drifts of Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno but a deeper delve reveals a really unusual release.

Opener ‘Somnol’ has a pulsating dreamy sound with soft synths and washes of fizzing textures before an eerie spoken word voice cuts in. This is truly hypnagogic music especially on ‘Avon’ which feels kind of like waking from a dream to  find Richard Clayderman playing in your front room. Featuring Ela Orleans on three tracks, the record has something of her woozy pop at its heart but this is truly drifting textural work which is often as uneasy as the recently released Delia Derbyshire piece ‘Inventions for Radio: The Dreams’. ‘Canoo’ eventually adds a drum machine rhythm to the spooky found sound. I once slept in a horrible hotel in France which piped birdsong through its corridors all night. This is somewhat like the soundtrack to that disturbed sleep with woozy far away chirps disturbing the equilibrium.

What an insouciant, somnambulant piece of work this is. It’s truly out there doing its thing and for that reason of no compromise I think it works tremendously well. The soundtrack to a drug fuelled half sleep.

9/10 Erin Tuzuner 6th May 2015

The vastness of space and the sheer depth of the ocean are comparable to the effusive sense memory of gorgeous sounds. This record, though brief, provides a feeling of floating - whether water, International Space Station, or the tepid bedroom of a sleepy heat drenched town. Sparse electronic beats layered over repetitive swirls of aural landscape provide a fertile environment for thoughts to take leave and unfettered attention paid to the widening space between your ears. Give it a spin and take a trip.



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