Sintetizzatrice by Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy

Sintetizzatrice is collaboration between eltro-man, Donato Dozzy and vocalist Anna Caragnano. The whole album is created with one instrument; the voice of Caragnano. This is then fiddled, manipulated and stretched into beautiful forms by Dozzy, creating tracks which bridge genre entirely but are ultimately ethereal and captivating.   

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Sintetizzatrice by Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy
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9/10 Laurie 26 March 2015

As soon as you hit play, you meet the mouth tree. It’s many branches mutter as the breeze passes through it, each sentence lost in a cascade of layered obscurity. Each branch is sown from the same seed, and that seed is Anna Caragnano. The entire record’s subject material is sourced from her vocal cords, the seed then nurtured by Voices from the Lake’s Donato Dozzy into rich tapestries of altered humanity.

A skim of Discogs seems to reveal that this is Caragnano’s first utterance, her bursting onto the scene, if you will. It’s more of a careful emerging than a bursting, her fragile voice leading the way for Dozzy’s masterful manipulations. From the repetitive, Reichian stutter of ‘Fraledune’ to the tolling throat bell that forms the basis for ‘Parallelo’, these two are in perfect synchrony, Caragnano’s ability to create a variety of tones acknowledged by Dozzy who sets the perfect scene to fit.

The album serves as a sort of ambient chorale, a collection of miniatures that celebrate traditional forms while placing them into the modern era with all its computeriness and ‘anything goes’ mentality. They move towards more rhythmic, almost folksong territory on the second side without a second glance, because if voices are good for it, then why not? While the record is fairly short, it says what it needs to say succinctly - no self-indulgence here. If you haven’t got it yet, I love this.


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