Go Weird by The Wibbley Brothers

One of the most bizarre Record Store Day releases comes from 1982 era Bonzo's meets Half Man Half Biscuit lunatics The Wibbley Brothers. Comprising of brothers Terry and Ronnie Wibbley and having done nothing in the subsequent 33 years it comes as no surprise that 'Go Weird' is as out there as a fish on flexidisc. Madcap '80's mayhem. This is what people did before the internet.  

Limited Vinyl LP £7.99 TRUB11

Limited remastered LP on Trubshaws Astonishing Sounds. Edition of 500 copies. RSD2015 ITEM!.

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Go Weird by The Wibbley Brothers
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9/10 Steve Hygate 27th April 2015

I must be one of the few people to have not only bought the Wibbley Brothers' album when it originally came out in the early 1980s but to have also seen them play, in a side room at a Nottingham University summer ball. As I remember it, we were sitting on the floor waiting for "Dougal and the Blue Cat" to be screened on an ageing 16mm projector when two chaps got on the stage and started banging hell out of an acoustic guitar. As you might expect, memories are hazy but I distinctly remember one of them impersonating a Christmas tree with the aid of a large green raincoat. The songs were odd ditties (oddities?) about spiders and home taxidermy. They went down a storm.

I must have been impressed because months later when I saw the album in a local record store I bought it. There were moments of the familiar acoustic guitar abuse but, surprisingly, most of the songs have full band accompaniment, and others have a kind of minimal electronica feel to them. Highlights include "Der Wawazawa", essentially a list of people that they must have seen on the tv before they wrote the song, set to a throbbing synth track. Years later I saw that someone had posted this on Youtube under the impression they were a German industrial electronic band. There's also "The wonderful world of Terry Wibbley" which sounds like something Giorgio Moroder might have come up with if, instead of meeting Donna Summer, he had been trapped in the Nottingham Yates's Wine Lodge with an endless supply of mild ale and the children's tv on at full blast for a week.

I've been playing people this album for 30 years and have lost many, many potential friends because of this. I can't believe it's been reissued after all this time. I don't know if the Wibbley Brothers are still around but if they it's about time we heard some more them. This one still sounds extraordinary.


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