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A lost classic firmly placed in the quirky category from synthesizer maestro Fabio Frizzi. The music from the film Zombie Flesh Eaters straddles the worlds of upbeat Caribbean exotica and dystopian urban prog. Remastered at Abbey Road on green coloured vinyl gatefold LP with booklet and lobby card on Death Waltz.

LP £19.49 DW1DL

Remastered green coloured vinyl, gatefold LP on Death Waltz. Includes booklet + lobby card.

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Zombie Flesh Eaters by Fabio Frizzi
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7/10 Laurie Staff review, 20 March 2015

I could review this pretending that I’ve seen the film. But I haven’t. So I’m gonna fill in the gaps from Italian synthesiser Fabio Frizzi’s musical cues.

The opener is hilarious pre-gore expose that tells you, yeah, it’s all fun and games now, but something’s gonna happen soon because this isn’t Zombie’s Family Lampoon, the zombies are hungry. For flesh. Maybe your flesh, but more likely the 2 people who are thrust into this beach resort of luxury and cannibalism. There’s an eerie still in the air - this is no ordinary beach resort.

While ambling through some grassy tussocks just past the kayak hire shack they encounter some animated skeletons dancing around a campfire to the sound of humanskin drums, clacking their teeth as a sign of greeting that totally gets interpreted as menacing by our protagonists watching from the bushes. they throw a rock at the ‘menaces’, so they get mad and charge the poor humans. The pace quickens as the 4th track begins, and our heroes are chased full pelt along the beach by skeletons that only want to play rock paper scissors but can’t with each other cuz they’ve got no ligaments. They suddenly stop at the top of a sand dune while the humans tumble down into the darkness towards a group of 5 hobbling, snarling figures. The skeletons get the hell out of there. Some synth chords indicate imminent action.

Both camps freeze for a moment, eyeing each other up when a leg flies through the air, spilling festering blood all over the couple’s lovely white tennis clothes. The man drops to his knees in anguish for the soiled garment, his partner unable to stop the zombies advancing on his oblivious hulk and, screaming, she flees the gruesome scene.

She returns to the dancing skeletons for help, and upon hearing this they assemble into a badass bonecar with scythes for wheels. Killing zombies was so enjoyable that she never managed to leave and, eventually, became a zombie herself. Circle of life innit.

So yes, this is a fun drums & synth record that you’ll probably be buying because you saw the film and you thought it was great and the soundtrack will be a sweet nostalgia trip. It’s a bit bare bones (hehe), with only a few emotional chord sequences and drum patterns to thrive off, but probably fits the real film. Brb, going to pitch to Disney.

9/10 Craig W Customer review, 10th April 2015

I've rated this as great as someone who has watched (and loved) the film so bear in mind:)

Having said that this is a great edition remastered in abbey road with the composer. Sounds great. Style ranges, as per the other review, from true Caribbean steel drum feel all the way through to the awesome thrum of Zombie attack mode.

The packaging I really like. The matt, thick card type feel sits nicely with the style of film and artwork. Love the classic cover image and also classic scene replicated on inner gatefold.

All in all love it.


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