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The reason people buy Sleep’s 60 minute song Dopesmoker on vinyl, is that the only alternative to flipping it halfway through is, in fact, not listening to it on vinyl. Luckily for you, Holy Mountain contains separate songs, allowing the occasional silence between the wall of energy and noise. Remastered in Full Dynamic Range, this reissue will reveal new depths to this stonerrock classic. Sleep members would later found Om and High on Fire, continuing to bring noise upon us. 

Limited Vinyl LP £15.49 5055006507935

Limited Full Dynamic Range remastered LP on Earache!!!.

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Limited Vinyl LP £15.49 5055006507935

Limited purple coloured vinyl, FDR pressing LP on Earache. Full Dynamic Range Mastering – pressed from the original master tapes.

  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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Limited CD £11.49 5055006507973

Limited reissue CD on Earache. Comes with specially designed slipcase + and exclusive free patch featuring the iconic album cover design.

  • Limited edition
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Sleep's Holy Mountain by Sleep
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8/10 Robin Staff review, 02 April 2015

Well yeah, Sleep. Lords of weed chords and at least 99% responsible for every single metal band that has the word bong in their name. Masters of that thing that most stoner bands immediately forgot after listening -- that all this gloomy, low-end bravado needs to be complemented with sweet, innately good riffs. ‘Holy Mountain’ is pretty much everything you could want from the doomy, hazy wasteland we now reside in; shall we count the ways?

First up is the production. It’s always impressed me how perfectly distanced ‘Holy Mountain’ sounds, enough to make the whole thing a hazy mess of sound wading its way towards your ears past the smoke and through the fire. Where psych bands might try and make that distance sound terrifying and eerie, Sleep make it sound like a long slog of a walk from your bedroom to the bathroom -- slow, languishing and minutely trippy. Whoever set up the recording for this thing knows how hard it is to get out of bed.

Then, of course, there are the guitars, in which sludgy slices of Sabbath evil ripple down in the chords, counterpointed by moments of immediate riffing abandon -- like our stoner dudes have given up climbing a mountain only to have a sudden lapse of motivation. The drums are of course killer; slow, reverent to the tempo and occasionally providing the level of propulsive ritual Sleep occasionally strive for. The vox are silly, and thank god for that -- my favourite bit of the whole thing will always be the momentary flirtation with hardcore skramz on “Evil Gypsy”, before the woozy riffs come back in and the heads roll back towards bed. ‘Holy Mountain’ is so great because it is steadfast stoner, but it’s explorative too -- Sleep aren’t afraid to be customers of the genre, as well as its purveyors.

10/10 Gruff Customer review, 25th April 2015

A true landmark in the stoner genre,how many newer stoner bands can trace their sound back to this release? From the laid back sabbathian groove to the interplay between the group, this is a must have album for any serious stoner fan. What better soundtrack could you need at 4:20?

The cover art alone is worth the price of admission.Of course dopesmoker/Jerusalem is the bands magnum opus but holy mountain is the perfect accompaniment to hazy summer afternoons with its shorter songs and laid back mellow groove

10/10 Patrick Customer rating (no review), 1st May 2018


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