Music For Thomas Carnacki by Jon Brooks
Jon Brooks, although probably more 'famous' for his work as The Advisory Circle, has also released a series of records under his own name, most of which seem to sell out on release. Here we present on a limited LP run of an album which expands on a piece he made for the Resonance FM series Weird Tales For Winter. This is an abridged version of the original digital release with all tracks appearing on a bonus download. Brooks is expert at producing retro-sounding soundtracks which reference library music, 70's incidental themes and an eerie kind of prog/folk. Delightful.

Limited Vinyl LP £9.99 The Fleece 005

Limited LP edition of 300 copies for the world which includes a download code of the full album! The last ever copies in the world and they have split spines (sorry!).

  • Limited edition
  • Includes download code
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Music For Thomas Carnacki by Jon Brooks
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9/10 Ant 26 March 2015

Jon Brooks is a man of many names: The Advisory Circle, D.D. Denham, Georges Ver, etc. He’s a member of Belbury Poly, creeps about behind the scenes as mastering engineer for the Trunk label, is a graphic designer and so on. A man with his finger in so many pies, when he waves it’s like a gargantuan pastry volcano spewing gravy all over his studio.

Despite such an admirable work ethic, his Abominable Gravy-man appearance and the fact that he’s been creating and releasing music for some time, most folk only really stood up and took notice when he unleashed his Advisory Circle project back in 2008. A period when he and his fellow Ghost Box posse created a brand of nostalgic electronic music that really connected with listeners - taking them back to childhoods spent watching public information films, telly soundtracked by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, etc. Some called it Hauntology.

Fast forward to 2011 and there he was on Resonance FM soundtracking a reading of English fantasy writer William Hope Hodgson’s ‘Gateway Of The Monster’ - a tale involving fictional occult detective Thomas Carnacki. The raw materials from the broadcast were later developed into a full album, released digitally on Brooks's own Cafe Kaput label. For this limited edition vinyl issue, the fat has been trimmed to create a leaner, more easily digestible 17-track portion.

From the moment the needle hits the groove on the opening ‘Carnacki Theme One’, the Edwardian harpsichord serves as a time machine and it’s immediately apparent that ye olde wax is the format where this music really belongs. Now I’ll confess to having never read the story, but for the way I like to absorb music this is no disadvantage. I like to use my imagination, and in this case the music really does transport you into a dusty supernatural detective tale. The wonky echo and delay applied to the ghostly waltz of ‘Valse Largo’ suggests time and space are melting, opening a portal into another dimension. From here electronic bleeps bloop with a kind of controlled but playful experimentation. A quirkiness that’s in the spirit of embryonic electronic music, and never abstracted to the point it veers from its role in this tale into full on zone-out mode.

This strange occult world is conjured through weird little electronic vignettes and miniature epics like the regal sounding Déjà vu melodies of ‘Carnacki Theme Three’ and the real world is reached through more organic sounds like the delicate ivory tinkling of ‘Meantime The Embankment’. Throughout the record are scattered traces of the DNA of everything from Delia Derbyshire, Ennio Morricone, Wendy Carlos, Goblin, Tristram Cary, Plone, John Carpenter, GRM/ EMS Studios, John Baker, KPM library music, Tangerine Dream, Desmond Leslie, Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, and Ron Geesin. Yet it's unmistakably the work of Mr. Jon Brooks. Also worthy of a mention is the appearance of a most deranged sounding cat which appears to have swallowed one of the man's synthesizers.

Includes digital download of the original un-edited 27-track version. Only 300 copies of this sucker for the world so orders will be limited to one per customer in order to share the love.


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