Other Voices 03 by The Pattern Forms

The third 7” in Ghost Box’s ‘Other Voices’ series involves the intriguing trio of The Advisory Circle’s Jon Brooks and Friendly FiresEd Gibson and Ed MacFarlane. As might be expected from such a team-up, the two tracks are highly melodic, beautifully constructed and gently eerie, similar to a witch-haunted XTC or the pastoral songcraft of Emptyset man James Ginzburg in his Faint Wild Light guise.

Vinyl 7" £6.49 GBX713

7" on Ghost Box from Advisory Circle / Friendly Fires peeps.

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Other Voices 03 by The Pattern Forms
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8/10 Clinton 20 February 2015

Jon Brooks certainly gets about what with his Advisory Circle project, solo work and recent collab with the High Llamas Sean O’Hagan. Here he is again with a couple of Eds in tow -- intriguingly both of them play in the very un-Ghostbox Friendly Fires, but this is a near perfect slab of evocative '60s influenced electronic pop. It’s as laid back as a lazy afternoon lying in a hammock in the middle of summer. Filled with gorgeously gaseous backing vocals, electronic chatter and lead vocals so hushed that it seems the singer is too damn satisfied with things to properly open his mouth. It’s the moment the Beach Boys ‘Windchimes’ met Tunng on a record player in the heart of Laurel Canyon.

Overleaf is a more krauty piece of '70s electronica which is much more like Brooks work with Advisory Circle. Tomorrow's World type shit I call it -- showing a complete lack of awareness of the genre, but I’m sure you get what I mean. Great single.

9/10 Jack 27th June 2015

Fluchtwege ist sehr gut, very nice, mellow music, dreamy, good vox that complement. Not to damn it with faint praise, but it is nice! The Sacrifice is superb. A solid driving bass with smashing electrotunes laid on top, plunky melodies and (in the first half) a subtle, krikky, intermittent, weird percussive element that sounds like oysters trying to breathe out of water. There's lots going on in this track and it has a lovely quality. Also check out The Blue Energy Programme by TAC.

8/10 Andrew 13th February 2015

Ghost Box and The Pattern Voices go back to echo some of the earlier sounds put out on the label. Definitely giving a nod to the folky pastoral sound twisted with a dose of electrics and a smattering of restrained darkness this 7" is yet another fine addition to the always essential Other Voices series. I was foolish and missed the first 4 in the previous series of Ghost Box 7's. There is no way I'm missing any of these babies this time. The first two are well worth collecting if you are late to the party, offering more upbeat synths, electronica and even slightly danceable (probably in a weird jerky way) grooves. I think the joy of these records is that you never quite know what to expect from each release, but you are comforted by the knowledge that it will tickle your nostalgia, melancholy and abstract bones every time.


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