We Will Not Be Silence by Juxta Phona

Denver, Colorado producer Jason Corder aka Juxta Phona specialises in spacious and approachable electronic music in which he layers minimal melodies over crisp, tactile beats. ‘We Will Not Be Silence’ serves as a comprehensive illustration of his abilities, being a relaxed collection of pieces whose sound is both alien and organic, new yet oddly familiar.

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CD in A5 package with 12-page booklet on Home Normal. Edition of 500 copies. aka Offthesky.

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We Will Not Be Silence by Juxta Phona
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9/10 Laurie 26 February 2015

One of the two latest instalments of Home Normal’s bag in a bag in a bag packaging series is a little, heh, abnormal for them. It is almost as if Jason Corder, the man behind the Juxta Phona and Off The Sky masks, is speaking for all of the interested beat-driven ambient artists when he proclaims that We Will Not Be Silenced. He manages to prove that beat-driven ambient can have the same atmospheric and detailed effect as the smudgy stuff, providing infinite variation around what is essentially the same bar for each whole track.

The beats constantly shift and glitch about with the touch of the electroacoustic mastermind. Who knows where all these sounds were lifted from - you can hear a disparate quality to each and every one that when assembled replace but resemble the ‘wall of sound’ . It kinda reminds me of Hibernate’s found sound percussive edge but with that warm, comfy backdrop that has become associated with Home Normal. Xylophones and chimes join the junk orchestra to slowly drift through some minimal harmonies, occasionally taking over the track and almost falling to bits at ‘Faster Still’.

Focusing in on individual layers is a bit futile when compared to the intricate whole, a shapeshifting mass of collected sonic oddities and considered grandiosity blended to near perfection. Or at least, as near as you can get. Hence no 10/10s from this reviewer.

So, does the number of plastic sleeves that a CD is packaged in correlate to musical quality? Find out in the next episode of Home Norman featuring Christopher Hipgrave and the plant conspiracy!


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