Rail Cables - Winter Selection by Scanner / Dru$s / Ran Slavin / Greg Fox

Experimental artists Scanner, Dru$s, Ran Slavin and Greg Fox indulge in a spot of commuter love (sorry) for this limited double 12” inspired by train travel. Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud has been tuning into the secret sonics of the city for over 20 years; Ran Slavin is an Israeli artist who applies a cinematic approach to sound; Dru$s is the electronically orientated alter ego of Gnod’s Paddy Shine; Liturgy/Guardian Alien drummer Greg Fox departs from rock-based strategies to pursue his electronic muse. The release comes as a limited (300 copies) vinyl gatefold with screen printed plastic cover.

Vinyl Double LP £11.99

Heavyweight vinyl gatefold 2LP. Edition of 300 copies in screen-printed plastic over bag.

Sold out.



Rail Cables - Winter Selection by Scanner / Dru$s / Ran Slavin / Greg Fox
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9/10 Laurie 19 February 2015

At the Ben Frost gig here in Leeds we met an extremely enthusiastic guy who was gushing about some experimental rail album that he was putting out, told him that Norman would be interested, then promptly forgot the name the next morning. Hey, it was my birthday, you gotta splash out. Yet here it is on the NR review turntable, the omnipresent National Rail logo spinning round like a late night tube ride. Well, there’s a pointless anecdote that only Robin can appreciate. But the point is, it’s here, it’s inspired by rail rides, and it’s awesome.

This is future music. I mean, explicitly - they’ve called it Winter 2015. That’s some serious forward planning/crystal ball staring. But past all that, past the elaborate cover image and the printed plastic case is some ridiculously detailed, ever-changing experimental electronic composition that rhythmically ebbs and flows like the sounds of the iron horse ride that started it all. You have 4 musicians sharing the wax for this one - Scanner, Dru$s, Ran Slavin and Greg Fox, lets split this up.

Scanner’s lengthy excursion onto the rails has him taking an electroacoustic slant forming a barrage of manipulated samples that gradually shifts in and out as described above. Such a dynamic work is astounding to hear, never tiresome and still with that underlying pulse finishing with techno, the regularity of the tracks. On to Dru$s’ contribution, another full side-spanning piece that begins with some reed instrument (sax??) blowing around, trying its twisted best to become a train horn. This gives way to a pulsing, dark drone that does not surprise me considering that he’s part of northern noisers Gnod. It oinks away like that dark track from the Donnie Darko soundtrack.

Ran Slavin next, and things get even more atonal and abstract and fractured than Scanner, think Selected Ambient Works 2 meets Xenakis. ‘Something City’ takes a mimetic approach to train rides, with obvious steam hisses and skitterish overdubs. On the final flip Greg Fox melds Oneohtrix Point Never and Astral Social Club to wondrous effect - the lucid percussive layers and gentle melodies combine to finish the record off at blissville.



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