Undertow by Drenge

Managing to come back from being really, really uncool after being mentioned in the resignation letter of a Labour shadow cabinet member, Drenge release their second LP, Undertow. Loud, one for fans of the Libertines and fast, rhythm-fuelled 90s Britpop.  The album deals with big themes such as love, loss and Arabic food. On vinyl, CD, cassette tape on Infectious Music.

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Undertow by Drenge
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6/10 Robin 01 April 2015

The only band any politician likes that isn’t Radiohead, Drenge have their work cut out proving themselves to be anything but a recommendation on MP Tom Watson’s letter of resignation back in 2013. On new album ‘Undertow’, their two-man post-punk accepts the role of political darling canon fodder as its fate: it runs in the same circles as usual, employing grungy riffs, Kasabian-lite vocals and honed in percussion for that maximum pretty-goodness of alt rock that most members of parliament mistake for hardcore punk.

‘Undertow’ is built on instrumentally solid ideas, but suffers from the same old Drenge conundrum: too cleanly produced and way too well articulated, their supposedly gritty sound comes out like a surface with too much shine. The feedback on the scowled “We Can Do What We Want” sounds pretty and gentle, and has to be done away with for a bout of momentary psychedelic riffing that sounds jarringly perfected. Vocalist Eoin Loveless sounds like an alt rock trope on this record, recalling that painful onslaught of early oughties indie rock that insisted on taking the hearts of every British teenager: he sounds like dude from the Fratellis mixed with yelping guy from the Automatic.

Uncomplicated melodies are the saving grace of ‘Undertow’; tracks like “The Snake” amble towards an earworm through rapidly retorted lyrics and reactionary drums; ultimately, though, Drenge sound the way I imagine Watson looked when he wrote his letter of resignation: holier than all the fools in Downing Street who had never listened to some goddamn indie rawk. 

8/10 Daniel Mcsheffrey 23rd April 2015

This album was one that I was looking forward to greatly months before release......and it didn't disappoint!

When I first listened to their self titled first album 'DRENGE' I knew straight away they would become a band I'd listen to relentlessly. At the time I always thought "There is more to come from Drenge, they can do even better then this!!"

The introduction of a bass player gives this album a different edge as you will hear in 'We can do want we want' & 'Never awake'! The stand out tracks for me are 'The Snake', 'Favourite Son' & 'Running wild'. Wavey riffs from Eoin, smooth bass licks and thick hard hitting drums from Rory really make this album a fantastic one!! Well done lads, looking forward to future (EVEN BETTER) records!!!!


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