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An outlet of frustration from Fairhorns. MEDICI is the five tracker from these Bristolian dread-mongers. Brain child of the prolific musician Matt Williams, this one spans a lot of ideas, from hardcore, to sludge-metal, to droned out avant-punk. Full of vocal wailings, muscular guitars, out of this world organs, brutal drums and total doom. Out on cassette tape from Kindarad.

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MEDICI by Fairhorns
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7/10 Robin Staff review, 29 January 2015

The sludgy chaos on Fairhorns’ ‘Medici’ feels almost apologetic, like a bit of compensation for a record that could just be frontman Matt Williams screaming into a mic for a half-hour. Half way through “Dokument 23/a (Fragment)” the band cut off and let him howl -- it sounds like he barely realises they’re there. Such is the mood of this fucked little recording: it’s primal, unconcentrated and everyone’s doing the funeral doom march out of time. Which is the best way to do it; it makes ‘Medici’ a record of discombobulated potency.

This hazy cloud of evil is unclean and underproduced, but that only serves to heighten its intensity. The loud organ keys employed don’t get buried, but instead seem to just be playing at the same loudness in their own universe. The vocals are rough and overloud, but the harmonies and whispers that occasionally appear around them are just as well felt. That you can contain this many differently immense sounds on tape and have them come out fighting together is quite impressive; that the band hates that, and wants to cast the whole thing over with bursts of noise, is only fitting.

This isn’t one of those elegiac doom albums where the riffs are all-important and mind-blowing -- though occasionally they’re good, and they twinkle like stars shining down on a shit heap. Rather, it goes down sludgier avenues, concentrating on chords that’ll knock you out and noise that’ll get you to throw down your headphones like you throw off shackles. For what definitely sounds like a hastily recorded demo, ‘Medici’ is an immersive and overwhelming little experience that reminds you of how many different spheres metal can conquer its listener in.



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