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Some bygone righteousness on The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 3. Another top draw compilation from those cats at Fuzz Club, with four sides of pure mysticism. One for the serious revivalist, full of tripped out acidic guitars, spirit cleansing drones, horns, drums and all the requirements needed for enlightenment. Sounds of the past and the future, with east meeting west. Out on double LP and CD from Fuzz Club.

Double LP £21.99 TRC003LP

2LP on Fuzz Club inc. The Oscillation, Holy Science, Deathcrush, GOAT remixed by Anton Newcombe etc. Edition of 1200 copies.

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CD £9.99 TRC003CD

CD on Fuzz Club inc. The Oscillation, Holy Science, Deathcrush, GOAT remixed by Anton Newcombe etc. Edition of 1000 copies.

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The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 3 by Various
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8/10 Brian Staff review, 13 February 2015
Blooming psychedelic rock. Thinks it owns the bloody place yo. I came in the other day and there was someone from Hookworms packing parcels. But that must have been a weird dream I had. Three volumes in and let's be brief here, there's a ton of bands now making ace intense epic and exciting music that goes carving through your senses giving you eyes like the shimmering pools, reverb'd trippp-out sounds for the peyote journey to Mars. Music to escape into, swim through. Bags of atmosphere and groove. Some punky songs, some drifty ones, some fucked-up ones for the children, some delightful campfire pop for the sonic dead. Dirty rhythms for the fuck-up narcotic hedonist. That's what you want from a psychedelic record then, Better make it a compilation then. A long one then.   This is the one - Volume Magic Third Eye shit. Whooop it's got Furry Freak Bro Anton Newcombe remixing Goat and loads of bands the ace little Fuzz Club are obviously squeezing in amongst the more famous ones so everyone gets a shot at being heard. By you. Who you are matters not. It's still going to get its teeth into your juggling balls and rip you a new sonic atmosphere, whichever direction you breathe. Asylum-bound garage, amorphous dream pop, echo-y suicide rock and future-retro madness. You Drive Me Insane Indeed. This is a really satisfying listen, I never heard the first two but this has been on the office stereo for weeks and is busting with some real nice druggy sleaze, sensual bliss and ice-cool dirty rock crackers. 

9/10 The Doc Customer review, 25th August 2016

Fuzz Club are one of the most reliable labels around at the moment for providing mind-bending psych of all descriptions, and this exceptional compilation showcases that brilliantly. There's some pretty chilled stuff on here, some garage-infused psych-rock, some dense, heavy tracks and some stuff that's just plain fucking demented. If you've never come across Fuzz Club and want to know what they're about, this is an excellent place to start. Volume 4 is due for release soon, so hopefully that will provide more of the same.

10/10 ian robertson Customer review, 21st January 2015

Act III of The Reverb Conspiracy ceremony is once more upon us, courtesy of Fuzz Club Records' co-release with The Reverberation Appreciation Society.

London's The Oscillation get the reverb party started, throwing down the gauntlet with 'No Place To Go', a driving ecstatic psych statement of intent, encapsulating the experimentation and DIY ethos of this collection. A perfect "scene" setter...

'Moon' by Madrid's Holy Science is a blissed out neo-psychedelic, weaving, hypnotic, gravity free, lunar excursion. Oslo noise-rocker's Deathcrush, deliver a deliciously pummeling 'You Now', flexing their fuzzed out post-punk, high-octane credentials. Side one closer, 'Suddenlines' by Berlin's The History Of Colour TV, drops the tempo way, way down, with their shimmering sheets of dreamscape shoegaze. Flipside intro, and a particular fave of mine released last year by Reykjavík's Singapore Sling, is the bouncing punk psychabilly of ‘You Drive Me Insane’. Dysfunctional trip, 'Meltdown Corp' by New Candys from Venezia, conjures gorgeously dislocated, psych-soaked abyssal plains. Chanteuse fronted Toulouse band, Sound Sweet Sound's 'Death Is On The Way', delivers a veritable slice of nineties San Francisco neo-psych, shamanic, multi-instrumentalism. Side two exits with Oristano's Undisco Kidd discharging 'Green Like An Alien', a rousing garage punk-psych anthem for the disaffected. Pulses are again set racing on Side three with Berlin motorik maestros Camera, delivering their infectious syncopative stomp symphony, 'Ausland'. Continuing the vibe, 'Side Effects' by Paris cold-wave, noise merchants Future, is an exquisite existential exercise in "sharp guitar riffs, cold melodies and fractured drums". Liverpool's Mugstar, warp in with their medieval tonally themed 'Hollow Ox', a sweeping, shape-shifting psychedelic cosmic rendering. Side three closer, One Unique Signal's "space-kraut post-drone noise-core", track 'Tungsten', showcases the London band's innovative experimental edge, in all it's layered druidic intoned glory. Side four opens with one of my many live highlights from last year, 'Hide From The Sun' by Korpilombolo's Goat, here given an Anton Newcombe surrealist sitar and pipe drone, remix therapy. London based Lola Colt's 'Away From The Water', is a masterclass in soaring primal vocals and mescal-soaked, widest-of-all-possible-wide-screen, cinematic jangling riffage.

As with any DJ worth his salt, the curators of this hand crafted compendium, having enthralled us on this supersonic roller-coaster ride, complete the assisted comedown of all comedowns with a worthy finale.

'As We've Been As One', courtesy of the enigmatic Berlin based François Sky, featuring sitar guru Jeff Levitz, envelops and cushions with a pulsatingly sumptuous splashdown in the Sea of Tranquility...

As with Volumes I and II, the ritual has been given masked form, in the shape of original Icelandic artwork by Jón Sæmundur.


THE OSCILLATION 'No Place To Go' - YouTube



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