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Lucifer’s name places them squarely in the Sabbathian bracket of heavy-heavy amplified rock music, and they are all the better for it: why dabble in vagueness when you know your own game? Suitable combination of Gothic text and Egyptian hieroglyphs on the cover too. The Anubis 7” single (on coloured vinyl) is their very first release, so get in there quick.

7" £6.99 RISE7190

Ltd coloured vinyl debut 7" on Rise Above.

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Anubis by Lucifer
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9/10 Silence Customer review, 25th April 2015

That is a very good LP, her voice is so perfect for the melodies, the first song on that, Anubis, I think the lyrics are kind of confusing, taking in consideration that Anubis is not a bad god from the egyptian mythology, and the melody for the verses and chorus remember me a lot of Snowblind from Black Sabbath, I think is kind of an homage to Sabbath, but aside from that, it's an excellent song, now, the second song, Morning Star, that it's, for me at least, like bring back that 70's obscure rock, from the clean arpeggios, to the distorted guitar chorus, and her angelic voice for the verses and chorus, and the change in the 2:39, that guitar solo, drums, and everything else, it's just like a version of Black Sabbath with a girl on vocals, I cannot wait to hear the complete album.

7/10 A. Reed Customer review, 6th February 2015

I used to play a metal show on college radio. Our station had a policy to play local bands 50% of the time, and this sounds like something we would have played. It's both a bit simple and well-polished at the same time. The song 'Anubis' sounds like Black Sabbath borrowed the lead singer from Heart. Johanna Sadonis sings about being called by the devil, but I keep waiting for her to sing about her Barracuda. Sadonis delivers lyrics with clarity and power like Ann Wilson from Heart or possibly Jasmine Rodgers from Bôa. She is on key and provides the right melodic intonation to induce a psychedelic mood. If you had a joint lit up and the lava lamp going, you could really get into this.

The song itself is a bit simple and plods along, but it plods in knee-high steel-toed lace-up boots with an attitude. I am looking forward to further releases by the band, hopefully with a bit more complexity in the arrangements.

The song lyrics are however a bit bewildering; Johanna Sadonis sings about being 'chosen' by Anubis because she has the devil in her. The lyrics confuse the Christian Devil with the Egyptian god Anubis and if you who know a little Egyptian mythology you know they are not comparable. The band must have been thinking of 'Set' not Anubis when they wrote this. Set is the god of chaos, violence and disorder. He's more like The Devil where Anubis is actually a protector. Anubis is a psychopomp who leads souls to the 'Afterlife' through the underworld (which is a nasty place--think Post-Apocalypse Terminator films--with wastelands plagued by demons) where judgment takes place. One's heart is weighed on a scale: If you're good you can enter the afterlife, (hooray!) and if your heart is heavy from all the bad deeds you did in life, you get devoured by a demon. Don't blame Anubis.

People tend to associate Anubis with evil mythology because let's face it, he's a big black jackal and he's the god of the dead. But I think the band is making a mistake here. Anubis was an essential part of the embalming process to the Egyptians. Think of it this way: Just because the undertaker wears black doesn't mean he's the devil.

The band would help itself out looking to another mythology-based metal band, Nile. Nile writes reasonably accurate Eqyptian-themed lyrics and has complex, power driven arrangements. If Lucifer could beef up the complexity of their compositions, I can really see them taking off.


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