Chance Life Moon Dance by Jahiliyya Fields

Known for his exploratory work into the potentialities of analog synthesizers, arpeggiators and mustaches, Jahiliyya Fields is one of today’s techno avant-gardists. Hopefully, Chance Life Moon Dance will live up to the high expectations his past productions has given us plenty reason to foster.

Vinyl Double LP £15.99 LIES060

2LP on L.I.E.S.

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Chance Life Moon Dance by Jahiliyya Fields
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8/10 Ant 15 July 2015

This is Matt Morandi’s second album as Jahiliyya Fields for L.I.E.S. I’ve never heard his first one but was reasonably taken with his ‘Pleasure Centre’ 12” for the label so I’m all ears for this one.

Kicking off with the warm organic ambient intro ‘Temple Blockers’ (that does indeed recall Craig Leon’s ‘Nommos’) we head into the titular cut composed of rusty techno rhythms and squeaky melodic loops bouncing off one another. As it creeps along for almost eleven minutes it’s shimmers along really quite prettily but there’s something quite disorientating, particularly when the swirling synth comes in. From there on there’s the weird trippy techno of ‘Finity Disguise’ and the more bangin’ ‘Clear Collar’. The UFO B-movie on acid sounds of ‘Narrow Cross’, the Hieroglyphic Being flavoured raw jam ‘Galcit 210’. The slow-mo gloomy thud of ‘Unarmed (A Hole In Cold Sand)’. Layers of liquid synth bubble and ripple on ‘Any Object of Desire’ before the dreamy synth clouds and gurgling bass of closer ‘Lovegiver B.C’.

Most tunes are kinda weird but held together by an accessible anchor, be it a simple drum machine rhythm or melodic synth loop. The production sounds warm and analogue and there’s a very free, raw feel throughout, like the tracks may have been recorded live. I can’t say I’m blown away but there’s some satisfying moments to be found if you’re into lo-fi experimental ambient/techno and trippy synth action.


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