The Race For Space by Public Service Broadcasting

Second album of history footage-plundering workouts from Public Service Broadcasting. They are like the anti-hauntology. On The Race For Space the theme is the space race, though the players retain their Wrigglesworth and Willgoose monikers. Has this thing got legs? Find out on vinyl, limited indies-only vinyl, or compact disc.

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The Race For Space by Public Service Broadcasting
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5/10 Robin 18 February 2015

So ‘The Race For Space’ is an electro-pop pantomime based entirely around samples and spoken word about superpowers racing to the moon with a lot of cheesy musical showmanship. There are trumpets too. Instead of reviewing this record, though, which I do not feel would be constructive, I will suggest a few significant historical events other than space travel that Public Service Broadcasting can sample in their next electro-ambient concept album. Feel free, guys:

Phone-hacking scandals (leaves room for loads of button-mashing and ringtone samples). That day that Ed Balls tweeted “Ed Balls”. That time Bono released an album via Apple and then apologised for invading your privacy. The day Public Service Broadcasting got sued for not clearing a sample (featuring samples from the court hearing). A war from the Tudor times, if there was one. Public Service Broadcasting discover John Cage’s “4, 33” and sample it in new album, but fundamentally misunderstand the track and still somehow manage to use trumpets. A chronological album sampling every time in history Clint has said the words “fucking” and “Public Service Broadcasting” in the same sentence. The race for the Britpop no. 1. The battle of Helms Deep. The history of Public Service Broadcasting, such as it is told through a collection of samples from their own albums repeating endlessly and hypnotically until you give in and just accept that you know nothing and Public Service Broadcasting are truly the phD professors of that thing we call “the past”. Thanks guys. Where would we be without you? 

10/10 Simon James 20th December 2015

PSB just get better and better! With this, their first full single-theme album , they pull together all the elements that had appeared in the earlier work (electronic funk and R&B, original recordings placed front and centre of the mix all pulled together with quirky wit and intelligence) into an incredibly moving tribute to the early space pioneers. I challenge you not to be on the edge of your seat as we wait for Apollo 8 to orbit the moon on "The Other Side" ( Side 2 track one - where else?!) or feel the horror of the rocket fire that claimed three astronauts ("Fire in the Cockpit" ) - before the exhilaration of "Go!" or "Gagarin" . A special shout out the the wonderful Smoke Fairies on "Valentina" . Go on - treat yourself!

8/10 NickT 24th February 2015

PSB have always been a bit of a curio and divided audiences with the use of their scrapbook approach to creating music. Unlike the cooler Boards of Canada who wrap, warp and embed their samples into their sound PSB slap the sample onto the top of theirs. In this album though the samples are used to great affect and tell the story of the space race from the late 50s to the early 70s. The use of music with each story is deftly done especially The Other Side as we wait for the astronauts to regain contact after disappearing behind the moon. The music builds up tension suitably before they regain contact. The album also covers the first space walk, the Apollo 8 disaster, Sputnik and Gagarin. This might appeal more to people of a certain age that remember the excitement of the space race but I really enjoyed it. It's a blast.



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