A-Tranquility by Maoupa Mazzocchetti

Falling on the harsher end of the noise-techno axis Maoupa Mazzocchetti’s dead-eyed debut is the coldest of cold-wave. Reworking EBM sounds and all that techno-before-it-know-what-to-call-itself frigid electro, it has a fantastic, bitter, bleak cheapness to it (in concept of course, the artwork is great). Vinyl 12” EP.

Vinyl 12" £8.99 PRECEPT 003

12" EP on Unknown Precept.

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A-Tranquility by Maoupa Mazzocchetti
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7/10 Laurie 26 November 2014

I can only assume that the ‘A’ in ‘A-Tranquillity’ stands for ‘Anti’ or ‘Abysmal’ because the 12” has only been playing for 2 minutes and it’s been quite uneasy. Maybe Mr. Mazzocchetti is brought to inner peace by reverbed percussion and basslines that toe the noise line - a behaviour which is probably not shared by his broody group of listeners-to-be, for this is some dark shit.

A-Tranquillity is his debut on Unknown Precept, a relatively new label that released a gnarly compilation last year, featuring a track from AnD. All you need to know really. Cold drum machines layer up with industrial atmospherics and non-melodic sequences that shouldn’t be allowed to play in the musical sand pit together lest they get it in each others eyes. God knows what it sounds like when an industrial atmospheric cries. You get close to finding out on ‘Tombolo’, but the sounds fade as they reach their peak. The drum machines do actually cry during ‘Coexistence’ when that evil coldwave vocal joins in bringing buckets of military vibes. The whole release is held at quite a mid-to-slow pace, a bit like a tank confidently rolling into battle. This must explain the sudden urge to play some Command and Conquer.

A standout moment is in the final cut ‘Vernacular’ where the doom toms join the party and the kicks and snares reach breaking point while some air raid synths wail distantly. The slow-but-mental acid bassline has made me realise that a lot of this is quite acidic (dear techno gods, please may I use that word?), just dropped down to appeal to people who are more calculated nutjobs like myself. Those ballistic madmen are just too much, aren’t they?

If this was more consistent, then it would probably have a higher rating. But when you’ve got quality tracks like ‘Vernacular’ on the same 12” as the lacking ‘Muzzled’, you can’t like the whole as much as you want to. Still, a very good debut from a man who will no doubt make waves in the murky world of industrial techno in the coming years.


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