From Out Here by The Advisory Circle

The Advisory Circle almost interlude style electronic music inspired by library records and the such. The sound is electronic but warm, it’s soundtrack like and could be be the music behind a science fiction film from the 80s, as our brave protagonist steps out onto the surface of the desolate planet for the first time. There are echoes of Jeff Wayne’s War of The Worlds but From Out Here is much much more than just an 80s tribute act.

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From Out Here by The Advisory Circle
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8/10 Laurie 26 November 2014

From the colourful box of ghosts springs a spectre of the past in the form of The Advisory Circle’s cosmic From Out Here LP. It harks back to a vintage '70's use of the synthesiser, at times feeling like a classic soundtrack to a cinematic voyage. That’s right, all the spacey review words are coming out for this one.

It really does have a past-futurism feel though, mainly due to the use of synth to mimic the orchestra championed by Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre. This includes the use of complex chord changes that you’d find in classical music - indeed, the opening track is like an overture to the whole record, the epic introduction to the journey. From Out Here has that complete character which originates from those orchestral suites, even despite having gaps between tracks. There’s a lot of variation present, from the real tranquil moments on the first side straight after the overture to krautier jammy plodders akin to Fursattl. It ain’t just synth taking the reins either - while it is largely keyboard driven, pianos get their time to shine on the aforementioned ambient drawl as well as pluckier guitars and a synth pretending to be a guitar.

On the inner sleeve, there seems to be some sort of drug experiment doctors report, backed by a overly British man sampled somewhere on side 2. It sort of gives you the feeling that you’re in cryo being carted between stars by a much more polite Hal-9000. And that’s not the only vocal sample present, you’ve got mysterious degraded messages from the void and echoed number readouts dotted about. The spooky future atmosphere totally reminds me of Tomorrow’s Harvest, as well as Tom Dissevelt’s new/old Fantasy In Orbit trip.

Ghost Box enthusiasts will find everything they love here, while TAC fans may find the ‘I’M IN SPACE!!!’ vibe a bit on the cheesy side, but all will succumb to the drifting twinkly soundscapes found within. Was that enough cosmic descriptions for ya? EH?


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