Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out) by Don Christenson, Joel Harris and  Julia Heywood

Halloween and Christmas go hand in hand when you think about it: Father Christmas dresses in red, just like the blood of thine enemies. Christmas Evil is about a boy who decides that when he grows up, he wants to around murdering people on Christmas -- a pretty limited career path, but really, who are we to judge? The soundtrack was provided by powerhouse trio Don Christenson, Joel Harris and Julia Heywood, who make gruelling sounds but play up to the film's ridiculousness with plenty of melodramatic synthwork.

Vinyl 10" £13.99 DW32

Pearlescent white vinyl 10" LP on Death Waltz.

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Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out) by Don Christenson, Joel Harris and Julia Heywood
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8/10 Laurie 04 December 2014

Christmas - a time for peace, goodwill, and death. Nope, not the death of ancient Pagan tradition, the death of people. Not to worry though, you can probably sleep tight this year when the evening of the 24th hits and you’ve been knocked out by cheap brandy, as these dead people are purely fictional, victims of a deranged grinch named Harry.

Death Waltz, not content with the number of soundtracks that they’ve issued in 2014, have decided to serve up a roast dinner alongside their xmas mixtape pudding in the form of Don Christensen, Joel Harris, and Julia Heyward’s OST for notorious festive slasher Christmas Evil. The film reaches brilliant heights of the hilarious and the grotesque, featuring a harrowed Harry growing into a murderous adult after watching Santa give his mum an extra special gift. The transition from innocent child to full-blown killer is chronicled perfectly, starting out with music boxes and sleigh bells, easing in classic horror string screams and quivering tense notes. Xmas themes pop up alongside the bells then fall to bloody pieces in front of your ears, spilling all over the carefully arranged tinsel and neatly wrapped presents. The dissonances are smashed baubles translated into sound, while the presence of pianos creates a strong fecked-up family songtime atmosphere.

While fairly short for a soundtrack record (its only 10 inches), its enough to take you right back to Santa’s grim sack and all the inventive ways that he decided to punish people that cold xmas. Plus, it's cut to powdery white vinyl, ready for you to paint as red as you please. Did you expect anything less from the DW crew?


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