Rervm by Lotus Thief

Some metallic ‘nanas and custard from Lotus Thief. Rervm coincides with the recent trends in progressive metal. It's got elements of stoner, sludge, black and prog metal. To be honest, it sounds a lot like a post-rock band but with thrashy bits, more sci-fi bleeps, bloops and monotonous vocals. It's out double vinyl LP and CD from Svart.

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Rervm by Lotus Thief
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9/10 Steven Holland 28th January 2015

An imaginative attempt (from The Botanist duo Bezaelith & Otrebor) fusing goth, post rock, black metal and spacious electronica that paid off more than I could ever have imagined. Lotus Thief's debut is filled with a mysterious ambience verging on the nebulaic, a whirlwind of tortured guitar leads and a gloomy chorus of old-goth vocals that bathe in a fountain of ancient wisdom. It's a revelation of truly hypnotic proportions.

Reverm is like floating outside of a deep space monastery and there, idle, transfixed on the chanting of some ancient and religious sect of alien Godheads, you reach complete and total understanding of the Universe (if for only a short time). The theme is a telling of "De Rerum Natura" which ironically (given the album's overwhelmingly holy atmosphere) is an ancient piece written by the Roman philosopher Lucretius that speculates (amongst many other subjects) on the advantages of an atheist society.

"Reverm"'s is definitely the most thought provoking album I've come across all year, one for the heady/spacey shoegaze addicts (as well as fans of all the other previously mentioned genres!) out there and certainly one for all the open minded explorers too.

Favourite track: "Discere Credas"



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