Machine Conspiracy by Conforce

Extra modern science waves for your listening pleasure from Conforce aka Boris Brunnik. Machine Conspiracy is a series of deep and sultry techno crème brulees. Boris mixes the classic extraterrestrial aesthetic of 'the D' in a minimal euro manner. Tump it out on the F1 or schmooze it around for a sunday lunch .. possibly. Out on triple vinyl LP and CD from Delsin record.

Vinyl Triple LP £22.99 DSR/X7

3LP reissue on Delsin.

Sold out.

CD £13.99 DSR/X7CD

CD on Delsin.

Sold out.



Machine Conspiracy by Conforce
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8/10 Laurie 12 December 2014

Don’t be afraid - these machines aren’t interested in subduing our species in a virtual world in order to power their kind. They only want to subdue us by getting us up on our feet, moving around uncontrollably. In doing so, they have enlisted human avatar Boris Brunnik to do their dirty work along with building him various electrotoys to help him out. In this completely cheesy and false mythology, it is known as Project Conforce.

Pretentiousness over, Machine Conspiracy is a full length album of ambient and dubby techno spread over 3 12” records. The overall sound is quite sparse and wispy, which allows Mr Brunnik to flex his style between straight 4x4 kicks, broken beat rhythms, airy reverbed synth and even venturing into some dirtier uptempo pounders such as album highlight ‘Rare Education’, arguably the bounciest here. Omnipresent is a subby acid bass tone churning away under it all, quietly proclaiming its presence but keeping its actual notes a secret. The murkiness ends in the low end region though, as everything else is crystal clear. Production wise, it’s clean as a whistle, every delay tail from the percussion distinct and distinguishable from the textured sawtooth waves.

Some will definitely find the whole release a bit homogenous and the relentlessly dubby vibe a bit too static, but it’s a quick album to warm to and shows Brunnik at his very best. No doubt these Review Corner headphones don’t do this justice, so load up those subs and get yer smoke on to this.


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