Some dance floor delivery from Paranoid London. This self-titled release features the tried and tested booty mover "Paris Dub". As a whole, the record does not let up and is packed with certified acid house vibes throughout. Striding all things Detroit, Chicago, techno and house these jams will work everywhere - one for the heads!

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Paranoid London by Paranoid London
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7/10 Laurie 16 January 2015

This one should have been called Detroit 101. This London Duo have been putting out 12 inchers under the Paranoid London moniker since 2012, and have finally taken a step back from that fast-paced means of production to write a full album. That’s right, a whole 2xLP album of looping dirt beats that would be more at home in the late 90s than 2014. It’s got such an old school feel that it can only be interpreted as a throwback record, especially considering the 8bit computer typeface on the labels. But that alone doesn’t detract from its quality, cos this is a bag of bangers.

You’ve got the standard 808/909 grooves playing pretty hard, but not really at that fast a pace, featuring inflections of acid (strongest on the self-explanatory ‘Machines Our Coming’) and ravey techno records if they were played at 33. Tracks barely progress from start to finish, but they don’t really need to. It’s the old school way - find a single great beat and a badman bass and just loop that til XTC.

The presence of commanding voiceovers unfortunately tarnishes the LP. They contain a sort of Moodymann intent but end up sounding like they’re from a super serious couture catwalk DJ set. They’re slightly too far on the side of ‘this’ll tick the cool box’ than ‘we’re actually having a great time’, but when they use robovoice computer natter it works a lot better with the pounding backdrop. On the subject of vocals, the bass-heavy classic ‘Paris Dub’ slices up some male choral stuff for a slightly restrained but nicely rolling feel - presumably this is the sound of Paris.

Is ‘Lovin You (Ahh Shit)’ a techno ballad? It’s a bit terrible in that it starts with emotional organ chords and some “forever loving you” cheez vox which then just drop into a totally unrelated slow acid groove which really brought the giggles. Sorry Paranoid London, but it just doesn’t work. Luckily ‘We Ain’t’ swoops in to save the C side with some nice crunchy drum sounds that are a world apart from the standard beat library found on the rest of the record. So yeah, it’s pretty good, when they’re not relying too heavily on vocals. But they’re probably working on that as we speak.



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