Confidence by Trash Kit

'Confidence' is the long awaited second album of London post-punk power trio Trash Kit. Featuring members of pop-punk trio Shopping and dance-pop trio Halo Halo (named after a multicoloured pudding). This record has all the restless momentum, playful melodies and rhythmic energy you would expect to find following their self-titled debut album. If you like things like X-Ray Spex, Erase Erata, Tom Tom club or you enjoy polyrhythms but you also like to dance then this is for you. 

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Confidence by Trash Kit
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7/10 Hayley 05 December 2014

Since forming in 2009, the London trio have “become the glowing core of London’s  DIY underground”. It’s kind of cliché now to denote DIY to messy, basic home-made music recorded in someone’s basement, especially as any independent’s debut will usually be a do it yourself effort, but Trash Kit are a case in point, though here on their second LP, they are less basic and more primal and intricate. They essentially make jaunty, melody filled post punk songs with interesting structures. 

‘Confidence’ is exactly that: an album that sounds impulsive, like it’s being written at the same time as it’s played live. Like the band’s debut, there’s a short running time, but all the better for it; instead of sounding too fleeting, they’re performed in short, snappy bursts. Like how most good punk records sound. 

In all, it’s nothing I haven’t heard before; their influences– from X-Ray Spex to The Raincoats – are palpable here, but they employ their own take on punk by using galloping polyrhythms, entwining vocals and erratic, African inspired guitar playing, and as a result it has far more depth than it will probably get credit for. 



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