TV Eyes by TV Eyes

Alright! Power pop revival! Let's all have a good time! TV Eyes! Let's go! Taking time off from his work making terrifying abstract compositions for television's 'Hannibal', Brian Reitzell meets up with pals Jason Falkner and Roger Manning Jr., so they can reissue their self-titled 2006 record, which was only ever released in Japan. On record, they pay respects to their not-so-secret favourite era of music: '80s. Expect the word new wave, and feel good with this new self-titled work. 

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TV Eyes by TV Eyes
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6/10 Clinton 13 November 2014

Its fair to say that I’m probably the only person in the office looking forward to this (if not the world). Its a collab between Jason Falkner, Roger Joseph Manning and Brian Reitzell two of whom were in the enjoyed-by-me-but-probably-by-no-one-else power pop band Jellyfish, the other a former Redd Kross drummer who has gone onto make terrifying soundtrack music.

Here they are exploring their love of late 70’s, early ‘80’s new wave sounds. These guys are serious players on the LA scene so expect something polished. From initial listen they are channelling the jerky sounds of Devo, Oingo Boingo and The Cars. So far, so retro. Problem is, its very, very polished so you kind of lose that innocent lo-fi approach a lot of those bands had. The whole thing just seems a little too studied. They all have lots of songwriting history in various bands so when they hit on a killer melody as on ‘She’s A Study’ things start to come together. 'Mission: Submission’ sounds eerily like Tubeway Army’s ‘Are Friends Electric’ and it sounds like they are having fun throughout, tracks like ‘Love to Need’ will appeal to fans of the latest Arcade Fire stuff but for me the record is caught between a modern day shiny pop record and authentic retro 80’s new wave and on cursory listen satisfies on neither ground.


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