The Lufthansa Heist by Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon, AKA Konstantin Gropper, will be releasing three different EPs on three consecutive Mondays in November. They will be available exclusively on limited edition 10” vinyl and all three are presented in sleeves with striking black and white artwork made by the celebrated German painter Hermann Schenkel. ‘The Lufthansa Heist’ is the first one in the series: its crashing guitars and euphoric chords allude to the slacker/college rock scene of 1980s America.

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The Lufthansa Heist by Get Well Soon
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8/10 Clinton 13 November 2014

I’d like to say Get Well Soon to my wife (not actually my wife but the nearest thing to it) who has a bad tooth. Yet my teeth were described as “the finest set of teeth for miles around” on a recent trip to my dentist. I’m not one to gloat though. Now what do we have here? A 10” of 90’s sounding plaintive indie rock that I wanted to get Ian to review but he’s overworked today as half our staff need to be wished ‘get well soon’ after suffering from a variety of dubious sounding ailments. We’re pro, honest.

Aaanyway this is pretty good its reminding me of intelligent dark rock types like Six By Seven. I’m particularly enjoying the chorus on the first track ‘The 4:3 Days’ which is kinda euphoric. On ‘A Night at the Riffi Bar’ they marry some sideways guitars to a kind of nursery rhyme melody. This is good but odd in that lop sided rock you get from the likes of Deus....or kinda Nick Cave meets the Pixies if you can imagine such a thing. Again, liking the chorus  - the bass goes so high at one point it makes me want to squash something. There’s 4 more tracks too on which they veer around the 90’s indie rock stuff sounding sometimes like Idaho, sometimes like The Lemonheads. This is very, very good stuff. Even on the final track when, for reasons only known to themselves, they cover the coda to ‘Layla’.


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