Kenny Dennis III by Serengeti

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Kenny Dennis III by Serengeti
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8/10 Andy 07 November 2014

I've not encountered Kenny Dennis before, Serengeti's scarred everyman who across this album relays the story of his band Perfecto. With partner in crime Ders they embark on an adventure that is in turn funny, poignant  always interesting. Thick moustached KD finds things don't always pan out but as a listener, I feel better for giving this album some time.

Kicking off with one of my favourite tracks, 'No Beginner', this album rolls along in fine style. Its blend of bizarre wordplay, references over lazy, funky guitar laced beats put me in mind of 'Loser' era Beck musically and Homeboy Sandman vocally.  For me a pretty winning combo.

David Kohn (Serengeti) is a pretty multi faceted rapper, his Anticon leftfield hip hop heritage could put some off. However whilst some of that school can be a little cold and impenetrable,  KD 3 is warm, organic sounding and pretty accessible without being in anyway pop or throwaway.  Odd Nosdam's production on some of the funkier tracks, such as 'Win Big' put me in mind of the type of beats and loops MF Doom used in Operation Doomsday.

If there is a weakness, some of the shorter track/skits such as 'Ain't No Joke' may wear thin on repeat listens. However they do knit musically and 3 or 4 plays in I'm not finding them too much of a distraction.

With Anticon associates Young Fathers recent Mercury success I'd like to see this album get some light. Whether or not this does capture wider attention I'd recommend giving this a spin. Stream of consciousness lyrics and quality  production make this a worthy listen.

8/10 Mark 17th July 2015

There's a little bit of Kenny Dennis in all of us. You know that obnoxious little man that lives in you, he likes shouting at people while driving.. and watching bad '80's action movies while sat around in a vest.. he likes eating hot dogs and pizza's and drinking beer.. he likes American Gladiators and sports.. you know that guy? He can be a bit of a dick sure.. but he's also always got your back.. and he can be a real laugh. He doesn't seem to have all that baggage that you carry around. He knows what he is.. and he sticks to his guns. Kenny Dennis does not compromise.

Kenny Dennis is the alter ego of rapper/producer Serengeti who is something of an alternative Hip Hop legend and has been consistently churning out music since 2002. Kenny Dennis isn't your ordinary Hip Hop alter ego though, Serengeti has built an entire mythology around this guy.. including a fictional '93 hip hop crew The Grimm Teachaz that Kenny rapped in under the moniker KDz aka The Killa Deacon. The legend includes a long running beef with Shaquille O'Neal that rears it's head from time to time as Kenny pops up throughout Serengeti’s back catalog.

Kenny Dennis III is technically the 3rd installment in the Kenny Dennis saga and follows the story of Kenny and his friend Ders as they form a '90's cheesy hip-hop house crossover group called "Perfecto". The album is split between skits narrated by Ders about this group and how much of a nightmare Kenny is.. and stoner hip hop tracks that Kenny raps over in a style which is kinda shouty and repetitive. I wouldn't call Kenny a talented rapper.. his flow is pretty basic and monosyllabic, he name drops members of the '85 Bears, random martial arts actors, Salt n Peppa and Brian Dennehy... in fact you won't know what he's going on about half the time. But some how Serengeti (who is a talented rapper) takes this format and makes it great. As a character Kenny is simply engaging.. and that's what carries this off.

This isn't like any other kind of Hip Hop you're likely to hear any time soon.. it is bizarro country guitar soul that sounds like it was made by mistake... but it great. It's almost as if Serengeti is deliberately trying to make something rubbish yet has the skill to make it ace.



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