Here's a Sleaford Mods album on Mike Patton's Ipecac of all labels. This one already came out as a digital-only compilation but this is its first physical release. It features previously unreleased tracks 'Bring Out The Canons', 'The Committee' and 'Fear of Anarchy' alongside crowd favourites like 'Jobseeker', 'Jolly Fucker' and 'Tweet Tweet Tweet'.

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Chubbed Up + by Sleaford Mods
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8/10 Clinton 21 November 2014

What a year it has been for Sleaford Mods. Twelve months ago half of this office were up in arms at Phil's decision to award 'Austerity Dogs' album of the year. Yet (and it pains me to say this) he was right.

The thing about Sleaford Mods is that this is something new and fresh and angry which spits in the face of the shit pumped at us day in, day out by careerist indie dross. Lyrically they speak up on behalf of disaffected folk everywhere, and even if they don't offer up any answers...well...there's nothing better than a good old shout at the establishment is there? Trust it to be a couple of 40-somethings coming from waaaaay outside London to try to sort the mess out.

Their deluge of releases in recent months is in danger of reaching overkill, with tracks re-appearing multiple times on different releases. However, it's clear that a) you lot can't get enough of it and, b) there are still huge swathes of the population who need to be won over. This compilation of singles won't harm anything for them. It's made up of a series of singles, some of which you'll probably know even if you have only a passing interest in the band. 'Jobseeker' (non-sample version unfortunately), 'Jolly Fucker', 'Tweet Tweet Tweet' and 'Bambi' are all here and it says something that they are almost seen as alternative 'classics' already - despite being around for not much more than a year.

We've spouted on and on about these lot over the past year so there's no need to go in for a full-on critical assessment. Alex Petridris does a pretty good job in today's Guardian if you fancy it. It's good, though, to see 'Pubic Hair Ltd' here. Over a typical two-note dirty bass riff, Jason Williamson launches a much-needed attack on the seemingly constant re-writing of history when it comes to heritage acts. In fact, the four 'new' tracks on the end of the album are dirty and dank, reminding us that despite the universal critical adoration these days what we have still have in the Sleaford Mods is an unpalatability and edge that is missing from pretty much anything else out there.

So, for the uninitiated this is a pretty good place to start.

10/10 Warren Allett 10th March 2015

A band that tells it how it is. With clever sampling and looping of drums, bass and the odd synthesiser, a raw and gritty punk and hip hop edge is given to the music, with no holding back on any taboo language. If you're easily offended, then fuck off. A band that sing (shout) truly about modern day life, getting at managers and politicians who don't give a toss about anything but their pay rise, and a reminder of how the music industry churn out a constant stream of piss poor, one hit wonder, gone in a weeks time acts.

Sleaford Mods revert from this, giving hope back to a music industry thats been twisted, sexualised and turned perverse in the name of money. Grammys given to acts and artists who don't deserve it, but the public just watch, eyes glazed over in a 'we will do what you tell us', Radio One view.

This band is a true escape from this, touring small venues in towns and cities forgotten about within the music industry, connecting directly with fans, signing what ever you throw at them, sticking around after gigs to talk to you directly, breaking the mould of the Rock or Pop Star who just wants to go and party till the night ends.

These boys are here to stay, so if you're not used to being told the truth, get ready.

10/10 Elby 2nd January 2015

Bought this for my boyfriend for christmas. It is now usually the first record played if he knows anyone is coming over to visit. Especially if they have kids. We find the Mods are very much marmite, and we can't get enough! This was the perfect gift for my fella, as he has listened to most of the current Mods' stuff to death. There are therefore songs on this record that are new to his ears, and some of the older 'favourites' sound completely diffferent to their latest release and/ or live shows. We can't wait for their new album!

9/10 David Wilson 1st January 2015

A collection of the independently released singles and b-sides (yes b- sides...remember them?)

Almost an a stand alone album in itself.

Now, I know the Sleaf's are renowned for not having much variety but they've still managed to gone a bit zeitgeisty at the mo'. And these collection of songs do show a nice bit of range in styles...Jay actually sings on a couple of tracks and Fearny really comes into his own on songs like Routine Dean (there best song for me). Bring Out The Cannons seems to indicate a bridge from this stuff to what ever they'll do next. LOVE IT.

9/10 Peter Customer rating (no review), 14th August 2018
10/10 Sarah Customer rating (no review), 17th November 2017
6/10 Gavin Customer rating (no review), 13th April 2017


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