The Silver Globe by Jane Weaver

‘The Silver Globe’ is the sixth solo album from Liverpudlian singer/songwriter and guitarist Jane Weaver. A concept album inspired by past experiences, cosmic imagery and idiosyncratic stories, 'The Silver Glove' combines  influences of mechanical rock with retrofitted European cinema and empyrean vocals, alongside futuristic vintage synths to create something multifaceted, beguiling and truly singular. 

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The Silver Globe by Jane Weaver
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7/10 Clinton 16 October 2014

No-one else in western civilisation will remember it but Jane Weaver made one of my favourite album many years ago as part of Misty Dixon. Since then she has offered the odd solo album here and there and runs Finders Keepers subsidiary Bird records. A sample of her voice was recently used on a Coldplay album - I hope they paid her.

It’s nice to see her back anyway and this album seems to mine more of a kraut/soundtrack influenced field than her earlier folky work. But kraut/soundtrack is where it’s at right now so I’d imagine opener ‘The Silver Globe’ with its Neu drums, synth squiggles and vaguely Portishead third album feel will prick the ears of some head nodders out there.  ‘Argent’ (after Rod?) is a 70’s synth heavy jam with burbling bass and Silver Apples oscillations. All a bit John Carpenter-esque but any worries that Weaver has succumbed to these in-vogue nostalgic sounds are partially wafted away by her excellent swoop of a voice and on ‘Don’t take my Soul’ she sings Kate Bush-high over some sweet bontempi-pop, coming up with an evocative, truly unusual sound.

I was curious to hear what the couple of tracks David Holmes produced sounded like and the answer could be put succinctly as ‘pretty good’. One of them, ‘Stealing Gold’ is probably my favourite thing here, a folky waltz with some Broadcast like synths and slapback echo on the voice. Closer ‘Your Time In This Life Is Just Temporary’ is based around a fantastic lo-fi drum kit and a piano that could just about be described as ‘boogie woogie’. This is good stuff. Weaver has changed from the sweet folkie of before and sometimes sounds like a winsome 60’s folkster parachuted on to a 70’s kraut- rock album but it’s not a bad combination all said.    

10/10 Hinchy 23rd April 2015

Do you remember the olden days when the only way to find out about new music was the top forty, Melody Maker and John Peel (RIP)? 

Sometimes you just had to take a leap of faith and buy an album after only hearing one song. Well, Marc Riley played this on Six Music, I just had to hear more. I'm really glad I took a chance on this album.

In my household we differ on musical taste. I love The Smiths, Morrissey and all things indie. My husband loves Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. However, we do agree on some music especially The Fall. So to find an album we both like is a rare find.

Psychedelic folk with cosmic overtones is my best description. The vocals are excellent and the arrangements are strong. There are some obvious commercial winners such as Mission Desire, Electric Mountain and Don't Take My Soul. But there are other gems like Your Time in this World is Temporary and Steeling Gold. 

Go on take a chance on Silver Globe. You'll be very glad you did.

10/10 Bob Customer rating (no review), 19th December 2017
9/10 Eric Customer rating (no review), 12th March 2017



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