Filthy-tongued and opinion-polarising electropunk grimeballs Sleaford Mods are riding a massive wave of hype thanks to their no-fucking-about slices of pissed-the-fuck-off modern life. 'Fizzy' is their latest cut, you know the score, purposefully cheap-sounding stripped back electronics bounce monotonously away while frontman Jason turns the air blue with his disenfranchised rant-raps. Over on the flip there's an exclusive live version of 'Urine Mate' (welcome to the club) which was recorded live at the German club Skalitzer Berlin August 24th 2013. 

Vinyl 12" £9.99 AUK115LP

Etched 12" on 'a' Recordings.

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Fizzy by Sleaford Mods
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9/10 Phil 22 October 2014

In case you've been hiding away in the middle of nowhere these fellas have been blasting through people's ears over the last year or so, keeping both the sprit of punk and poetry alive. Oh, and they're angry too! Very angry in fact: "Fizzy" is a bouncy tune which throbs along incessantly -- I defy you not to tap your feet or even nod your head gently forwards and then backwards to it -- even me at my age I can't but help shake along to it. The lyrics are sweary and angry and the cheap sounding beat is incessantly chuggy. All of that coupled with the cheery lyrics makes for a great three minutes. The B-side is a new version of "Urine Mate" which I remember 'em playing live last time I saw 'em in Leeds. This version was recorded live in Germany fact fans.

Oh and it's all one sided and etched on Anton Newcombe's 'A' label -- he's one of many many people who have been taken by 'em. Ace single!

9/10 Frank Brown 26th November 2014

Phew! Once again I am rendered [almost] speechless.

Fizzy is a stalwart SM tune, almost anthemic. There is a recent bit of footage of them performing this song live at the 100 Club in London. Filmed in atmospheric black and white, it shows Williamson frantically, almost psychologically-tick-like scratching at his head whilst delivering Fizzy to the enchanted crowd. Fizzy's lyrical content is top drawer SM. Machine gun delivery over Fearns [in this instance] dramatic bass loop make this song anthemic. Williamsons bile fueled recantations about 'telling his family about the fuck*n' wage rise' and 'Being forced to engage in flirtatious conversations' remind the listener of the relentless psychological, spiritual and physical drain of the average working week, and the blood sucking brain frying bullsh*tery of a boss that doesn't give a sh*t.

'Urine Mate', 'Welcome to the club' has an entirely different slant to it, equally sharp but aimed more squarely at the recreational choices of the youth rather than the working week of the majority. Williamson again dispenses his observations with cutting wit, irreverence and an archaic humor, slightly mischievous rather than outright aggressive. Another great tune.

I had to mention the sleeve art and the etching on this release. The sleeve was created by the guy who did Dinosaur Jr's sleeve art and to be honest its way off SMs anti-aesthetic vision in my view. Something doesn’t sit right with the graphics on this one and I get the feeling the artist just banged out whatever they felt like and wrote 'Fizzy' on the bottom. Not impressed there. Correspondingly to give one whole side of a whopping 12 inches of plastic over to what essentially looks like a hairdressers wallpaper seems to me [the record buying public] extravagant. Still it does look pretty.... pretty vacant.

Great record, average packaging and gimmicky flock etching.

9/10 Paul B 18th November 2014

"Only 9/10?" - yeah, there's always room for (slight) improvement, but to be fair, right now, I can't think what it could be... This is a top tune from one of the best lyricists this country had produced since Ian Curtis. The beats aren't too shabby either.. Pressed on top quality vinyl and really well packaged (thanks Norman Records!)...

9/10 Andy Customer rating (no review), 23rd August 2017


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