Objects of Mind by TimeDog

The debut album by Glaswegian ambient musician Pete Burton. Ethereal electronic music ranging from ambient, drone to experimental percussion structures with a hint towards the kosmische Zeitgeist. All guitars, synths and percussion instruments played by Pete Burton, with a strong focus on live improvisation. Pete is stronlgy influenced by Krautrock acts such as Popol Vuh or Tangerine Dream but also modern ambient music like Biosphere etc.

150 limited, hand numbered & manufactured CDs only.

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Ltd CD on Diametric. Edition of 150 hand-numbered copies.

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Objects of Mind by TimeDog
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8/10 ReviewBot3000 29 August 2014

Clawing my way wearily to the summit of review mountain this week I have stumbled upon this intriguing CD by Timedog, in a numbered run of just 150, which contains an album of atmospheric electronic minimalism full of barely-there rhythms, electrical-interference flutters, and synthetic drips and twitches.

It all glides past with a cold, weightless momentum, long-tailed synths bleep and wiggle and drone while a distant waterfall spits static and someone pounds a broom into the ceiling of a room three houses away, although at times the beats move sharply into the foreground like in 'Delayed Choice'. When a simple melodic progression turns up on 'Expectations' with its strange cascading electro-plinks it seems almost like a maverick move.

As it goes along the tracks seem to divide themselves into two groups, there's the drone-based pieces with long stretched tones and subtly bubbling details, and then there's some emptier-sounding numbers which make use of the negative space for an unsettling Moritz Von Oswald Trio-gone-dark-ambient kind of post-dub dread-psych way. There's a nice balance between the two, and lots of interesting tones and heady atmospheres to be found by the 150 people who manage to snag one of these discs.



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