This is The Young Sinclairs by The Young Sinclairs

We all like a bit of The Young Sinclairs here at the towers. Like Allah Las they have echewed the hard rockin' sounds of a lot of modern day garage bands for the jangly West Coast blueprint as purveyed by The Byrds, Love and assorted 60's folk-rock types. They form part of the Magic Twig Community, a group of like-minded musicians operating their own studio in the woods where they have produced and engineered their records. Sounds idyllic and certainly you can't argue that their output is both prolific and of high quality. Not much further info on what this actually is except for it being a collection of compositions that demonstrate the spectrum of their sound. Look forward to giving it a spin.  

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This is The Young Sinclairs by The Young Sinclairs
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9/10 Clinton 02 October 2014

We all like a bit of 60’s inspired retro-ism don’t we? Don’t we? Well I do and this album is a feast of jangling bittersweet melodies that could have emerged outta 1967.

Opener ‘You’re Tied’ is a case in point. Sounding like it could have come off of Love’s first self titled album it bounds along with a garagey-strut, folk rock guitars jingling away under some tough r&b influenced vocals. Sure fire winner.  ‘New Day’ is similarly excellent, jam packed with Byrdsy guitars it sounds like a few of the 80’s adventurers in jangle and I’ll include R.E.M in this, in fact the nearest sound to this would be on the stellar, murky debut ‘Murmur’. Young Sinclairs have a more retro bent though, its as if new-wave had never been invented, ‘Turned Around’ in particular matches stoned Rain Parade-ism’s with granny-glassed McGuinn melodies to stellar effect.

It’s all been done before of course but its a heapful of fun to hear it one more time. I’d reckon the Byrds are the biggest influence in this band, they are here, there and everywhere though ‘Problems’ has the mod-ish blast of The Who tacked on with some stellar drumming. Just when I think I can’t possibly mention the Byrds one more time, along comes ‘Someone Like The Hawk’, lilting folk rock at its chimiest. I’ve listened to the album a few times now and this time the songs are sticking. Nothing to worry about there. The band record themselves so the production is mid-fi at best, nothing spoiling for me but occasionally you wonder what the songs could be with a bit of magic dust sprinkled on especially on the hazy Neil Young/Buffalo Springfield inspired ‘Orion’. There are some country-ish Gene Clark/The Band type things as you head towards the tail but with 14 songs altogether,  fast ones, slow ones, the lot,  its amazing that they mostly hit the spot.    

9/10 James McKenzie 3rd March 2015

The older and possibly grumpier I get the less I seem to be fussed about fads and trends in music, i went through a regrettable stage in my mid twenties of being a bit of a Pitchfork disciple and although there are a few decent bands who I still take an interest in that said online publication introduced me to I find the current crop of 'indie-pendent' music rammed down our throats by numerous online copy and paste journos deeply unmoving.

Which leads me to a bit of arse kissing to the folks at this place 'Team Norman' without whom I doubt i would ever have the opportunity to listen to fantastic music such as this absolute beauty of a record. It's weird and I'm sure there are folks plenty younger or older and certainly wiser than myself who feel the urge to see boundaries constantly pushed in music but sometimes that desire by the music press at least to find the next so called innovative artist to me is at times tiresome. Take that stage invading nob jockey Kanye West (you're married to a reality tv star mate and have the nerve to lecture people on artistry... fuckin' cheddar!)

I don't really know where i'm heading with this rant i'm nowhere near articulate enough to describe the music I hear... Just to say this album has more heart warmth and soul than 99% of all current music encouraged upon us by the tastemakers and it's nice to sit back and bask in the glory and true independent nature and spirit of bands and artists such as Young Sinclairs, Prophet Hens, EIAFUAWN, Death and Vanilla, Last Ex, Pye Corner Audio, Ela Orleans and a shit load more devoid of trends that this record store introduces me to on a weekly basis helping me create my own musical hinterland that'll be with me for years to come. They may not make their millions but these are my bands and you won't find a Paul McCartney whistle within a thousand bleedin' miles.

Anyway this record is amazing it melts my heart , have a listen if you get chance. Cheers Young Sinclairs. Cheers Team Norman. You're all beautiful fucking people.



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