Sunrise City Flux / Exit via Ocean by Kellar

Kellar are a trio who make an unholy racket by improvising, largely through guitar compositions backed with a good dosage of fuzz and some idiosyncratic drumming. They bring to mind the best bands who didn't give a fuck and treated their tracks more as loose experimental vignettes than actual structured songs: think Glenn Branca playing made-up chords while Faust do weird things in the backdrop. This 7" shows off Kellar's abstract leanings.

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7" on Foolproof Projects.

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Sunrise City Flux / Exit via Ocean by Kellar
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7/10 Mike 27 August 2014

We've got a handful of these 7"s in from Foolproof Projects this week and the first of those that's hit my review pile is this platter by Kellar. The duo play improvised no-wavey distorto rock where the impulsive clatterings of drummer Andy Pyne snake and rumble along to guitarist Dan Cross's abstract tone washes and primitive FX-laden attack.

On side A is 'Sunrise City Flux', a somewhat laid back number where Pyne pounds away on his toms and Cross throws in staccato guitar details flickering in a haze of fuzz and reverb, quite rhythmic and somewhat danceable. Over on the other side things get a bit more freeform on 'Exit via Ocean' with some arrythmic skronk'n'splatter full of harsh trebly drones and crashing cymbals that builds into a lumbering lo-fi noise-rock groove towards its conclusion. Not bad.



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