Friday The 13th (Original Score) by Harry Manfredini

'Friday the 13th' is one of the first ever horror slasher flicks, so bless it for that. It came out in 1980 and it involves lots of people being murdered, probably in not very nice ways -- also Kevin Bacon is in it, so there's that. The soundtrack is now being reissued by Waxworks, given the vinyl treatment for the very first time. The film was scored by Harry Manfredini, responsible for making a soundtrack as iconic as the innovative movie it came from. 

Vinyl LP £24.99 WW13

Remastered 180g black vinyl LP on Waxworks in heavyweight tip-on-old-style gatefold jacket featuring full artwork by Jay Shaw.

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Friday The 13th (Original Score) by Harry Manfredini
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9/10 Mike 08 October 2014

It's that classic horror soundtrack reissue time of the week again, and our friends at Waxwork have sent us a right old treat - Henry Manfredini's score to one of the original (not to mention most iconic) slasher films ever made, Friday The 13th, a film which spawned ten sequels and gave the horror genre what would become one of its most iconic ghouls, Jason Voorhees. Voorhees wouldn't evolve into the hockey-mask-wearing machete-wielder we know and love until the second sequel, with the original film being a revenge slasher in which the killer turns out to be Voorhees' mother, driven to insanity by her son's death by drowning on the summer camp where the film's grisly events take place. Another interesting bit of trivia is that the film's star Adrienne King's character's survival ordeal turned out to be for nothing as she was killed off instantly in the sequel after the actress was pursued in real life by an obsessive fan between the making of the two films.

But enough movie trivia, this is a really cool soundtrack, lovely gatefold sleeve and murky green vinyl and of course excellent music. Manfredini's score is a grand orchestral affair with lots of shuddering tension and sharp stabbing strings which keep reminding me of a less comical take on Richard Band's 'Re-Animator' motif. Particularly entertaining is the schizophrenic 'The Boat On The Water/Closing Theme 1/Jason In The Lake', which opens with graceful piano and strings and some weirdly phasing synth drones carving out a peaceful and uplifting piece which unloads all the tension of the preceding tracks with its cinematic warmth, but this being a slasher flick there's a twist in the tail that sends us hurtling unexpectedly into a 30-second blast of violently sawed staccato violin screeching in the track's closing moments. There's a dreadful country track on the end credits' 'Sail Away Tiny Sparrow' but it's clearly a worthy addition for your swelling horror soundtrack archives.


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