Industriale Illuminato by Lussuria

Industriale Illuminato by Lussuria was available on Vinyl LP & CD but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl LP £14.99 HOS-420

LP on Hospital Productions.

Sold out.

CD £10.99 HOS-420

CD on Hospital productions.

Sold out.



Industriale Illuminato by Lussuria
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8/10 Ant 15 August 2014

This I believe is the third vinyl outing for Jim Mroz's Lussuria project on Hospital Productions and follows the excellent 'American Babylon' collection. Sadly this guy's tapes aren't easy to get hold of and so a more widely available LP/ CD release is most welcome as Mroz's work really deserves to be heard by a wider audience.

Although as you would expect it's a reasonably dark record, but generally speaking not as evil sounding as its predecessor. The Coil influence is easily detectable at various points but there's more than enough original vision here. Also there's moments that recall Prurient at his tamest with spoken work passages as in 'Death Of Cinder'. Also present are dark ambient moments that recall bits of the Cold Meat Industry catalogue. Plenty of good shit here to make this worth owning with closer 'Art of Veigns' being particularly beautiful. Recommended.

9/10 RJS Tompson 7th December 2014

I’ll tell you what, Lussuria don’t half know their way around a drone. Like a combination of Ronseal and the United States Military, their music does exactly what it says on the tin. As long as the tin says, ‘remove top of skull and render immobile’.

On ‘Boneblack’, sounds osmose through 6 feet of cold air and earth, through fever and industry, from consciousness into death. I imagine that this is what a hospital ward sounds like in the seconds immediately after you die. Life-support systems bleep and whirr, gradually diffusing into remembered conversations and the distant chatter of hospital staff.

‘Petra Marina’ builds around a regular rumbling and burbling, which could be the indecision of a heartbeat or the trundle of a medical trolley, all delicately pinned to the slab by a slowly freezing drone. The whole of the first side leaves you with goose bumps and the stench of formaldehyde right up your nostrils. If it sounds like I’m over-egging the death pudding, well, I happen to like a particularly eggy death pudding.

The second side continues this feeling of dissolution and if you like oh/ex/oh, BOC, Labradford, Coil, you’ll love this. ‘Daughters of Enemies’ and ‘Angelshare’ seep fuzzily through thin, whitewashed walls before ‘Wind Carries Soot’ and ‘Art of Veins’ quicken into minor masterpieces.

All you really need to know is that this record is fucking brilliant. Chillingly machined and fleshily disordered in equal measure, this is like a final warm exhalation before the sinews cool and tighten. A true Hospital recording.


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