Bokeh by Wil Bolton

Wil Bolton takes acoustic and organic found sounds and turns them over and over until they're ambient compositions. 'Bokeh', which refers to the concept of "blurring quality", is a good way to sum up this record, in which you can hear snippets of field recordings being manipulated into long-form arrangements. The title track shows off Bolton's interest in making music that is "out of focus", featuring percussion that is scattered around the track and rings with the same devotion to ambient. Recommended if you like the pretty wilderness type of drone music, or have ever watched the movie Upstream Color.



  • Bokeh
  • Tremadog
  • 1887
  • Sash
  • Pentaprism
  • Moonlight (For Sophie)

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CD on Home Normal. Edition of 500 copies in handmade oversized washi card with insert inc. vintage photograph.

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Bokeh by Wil Bolton
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8/10 ReviewBot3000 29 August 2014

Wil "with one L" Bolton has done another album of his gorgeous blurry ambience this week, housed in a delicate 8"x7" sleeve that you will really struggle to file with your other records and still keep in uncompromised condition. He's reminded me of Windy and Carl before and he's immediately doing it again on the opening title track, an ethereal smudge of subtle arrhythmic chimes and gliding, unsourceable drones which gets a little glitchy and digitally corrupted towards the end.

We get various subtle variations on this theme of blurred, smoky drones and dinky chiming details over a further five tracks. 'Tremadog' throws in some crunchy static...or is it cars driving through puddles? '1887' has a feverish kind of buzzing thing going on and some new-trainers-on-lino squeaks, 'Sash' has pre-concert babblings and weird chopped up orchestra-tuning samples stretched all backwards and inside out, in 'Pentaprism' children caw like crows over a rich, droning chord that has a kind of accordion/harmonium wheezy quality to it. I'm not going to give away what happens in closer 'Moonlight (For Sophie)'. That one can be a surprise.

If you're into the droney times of the likes of Windy and Carl, Celer or Hakobune and haven't yet investigated Bolton's meticulously crafted and brittly detailed sound sculptures, here's a perfect opportunity. You might want to pick up his 'Under A Name That Hides Her' LP for a bargain £3.49 while we've still got cheap copies, too!


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