Burn This Flag by Bad Breeding

The press release I have been provided with seems to be an essay on Stevanage. Did you know, for example that Surma Tandoori serves onion bhaji's that are suspiciously the same size as a rat? That's what it says here. Alas it tells me absolutely nothing about this record other than the band are from Stevenage. 'A nice enough place  - if you like concrete" someone once told me. A flick through the internet reveals that this is loud and raucous discordant punk rock.  

Vinyl 7" £3.99 HATEHATE11

7" on Hate Hate Hate.

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Burn This Flag by Bad Breeding
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7/10 Mike 05 September 2014

This one's a bit mysterious. It took me a couple of minutes to even find the band name on the record sleeve, there's no info on the stickers, no insert, not even track titles. Instead of a press release, we've been provided with a few paragraphs of information about Stevenage. Are we to presume that they're from Stevenage or is that a red herring?

Anyway, there's some pretty fun post-hardcore business going on when I put it on my record player. On the A side 'Burn This Flag' is practically a cover of a Pissed Jeans song ('Health Plan' I think) in all but name and lyrics, but with a touch of the knuckle-dragging straightforwardness of the Exploited in its determined mid-paced assault. On the other side is...well, I don't know what the song's called, there's just a picture of a urinal on the label. This one has them playing slightly faster than they're able, with some speedy vocals to match and a weird little jazzy breakdown and generally sounds a bit more interesting than side A...if side A was the Exploited covering Pissed Jeans, this is more like Tropical Trash mangling a Motorhead song - much better.


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