Visions Of Dune by Zed (aka Bernard Szajner)

Another rare synth classic for you all lovingly reissued by very careful people. This time its from a concept album based around Frank Herbert's 'Duner' by French electronic pioneer Bernard Szajner.

The key words are sci-fi drones and otherworldly melodies drifting about creating an immersive listen. Rashad Becker remastered it in Berlin and there are two bonus tracks which feature on the CD or on the download code with the album.

Vinyl LP £14.99 IF1029LP

Remastered LP on InFine.

  • Includes download code
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CD £9.99 IF1029

Remastered CD on InFine.

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Vinyl LP £14.99 IF1029LPX

Remastered LP w/bonus 7" on InFine.

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Visions Of Dune by Zed (aka Bernard Szajner)
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10/10 Brian 05 September 2014

I think this brilliant album must be my favourite record this week, maybe of the entire month. As usual, it's rather old. 'Visions of Dune' is from way back in 1979. When you get to my age most of the new music sounds utterly pants when placed next to a masterpiece like this. My late mother was the house sci-fi freak with her beloved series of Dune books becoming so severely spine-curved that they eventually resembled a stack of contemporary art. Topped with the ever-teetering overflowing ashtray. Bless her. I tried to read one once and my eyes started going a bit funny. I thought "I'll stick to Stephen King". Who thought that one day I would be writing about a concept album based around those very same over-read tomes.

What we have here is another of those wonderful cult French enigmas, the first (and possibly finest) release by Bernard Szajner under his temporary Z moniker. It makes for a piece of snazzy futuristic graphic design does that minimal moniker! The original sleeve was a bit crap so nice one to the design team what done this thing. The music is mainly forged from blistering cosmic synth-scapery building on occasion into passages resembling epic kraut-flecked trance-rock or collapsing into a vortex of sinister dark ambience. Mood-wise it falls someplace between Add N (to X), Emeralds, Tangerine Dream and the dark pulse of Monoton and subsequently you can faintly hear in these epic spacious vistas what could well have inspired fellow Frenchies such as M83 or even the experimental astral-hop of Abstrackt Keal Agram early in their careers.

This is a hugely influential, mind-expanding and quietly stunning record that will completely mash your face in. Ponderous, melodic, eerie and incredibly psychedelic, I've not heard much on my wavelength from InFine before but this wonderfully inspired and epic odyssey is a timeless gem that will leave blisters on your mind. Full marks.

9/10 Garyreviewer 26th November 2014

I'm old enough to actually have the original vinyl release of this, credited to ZED back then. And since that time it's been a firm favourite. It's mix of dark (and I do mean very dark), gritty electronics with guitar & drums make it unique for the time. It also contains a brief vocal track which is as bizarre & otherworldly as it's just about possible to create. The album works as a whole piece rather than a collection of tracks. The two extra pieces dug out of the archives fit right in there as if they had never been missing in the first place.

And can I just say it's a wonderful remastering job as well - never sounded better.

Recommended. Recommended. Recommended. (You get the idea)

8/10 roofwalker Customer rating (no review), 13th May 2016



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