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Fuzz rock layabouts Teardrop Factory's debut record, 'Thrash in the Heart', isn't quite as metal as it sounds, especially when you consider their last release was called 'Topshop EP' (named one of Norman Records' singles of the year). Instead, the band offer a great deal of affection for the loose and careless indie rawk of the 90s, as well as the noisier ventures that came with it - My Bloody Valentine name-drops are imminent. 'Thrash in the Heart' was recorded in the band's bathroom, and it shows. It's being released on Faux Discx. 



3AM Coke Dream Bleed Peel Slowly A Way Away Taste Like Medicine Deeper + Deeper Ex-Friends Now We Shatter Colour of Bones Circles Spider Baby Superimposed Fake Tan

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Thrash In The Heart by Teardrop Factory
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7/10 Robin Staff review, 11 September 2014

Teardrop Factory make that kind of unholy shoegaze mess that wrestles to get the message through to your ear: the feedback is incidental, and all the noise antics ultimately feel like ways of wrapping up pleasant tunes that would be twee on another day. Unlike a plethora of bands who champion the same sound, though, Teardrop Factory have a treasure box of melodies stashed away; they've clearly studied the jangle pop of early Guided By Voices and the sad, sympathetic tunes of Beat Happening -- as well as the shoegaze bands that had something to say, even if they didn't want you to hear it. 'Thrash In The Heart' is a fitting title, in that sense (and not because this sounds like Slayer, although that'd be cool): there's plenty of noisy slight of hand going on here, but there's also a beating, breaking heart.

And that's where good pop songs come from, right? Usually this shit would be tired and true, but there's something triumphant about Teardrop Factory's sound; lo-fi is a gimmick they've mastered and fully reconciled with wide-eyed vocals, quickly percolating guitar riffs and rock steady drumming. Tracks like "3AM Coke Dream" and "Deeper + Deeper" are proof enough that this trio aren't confined to their scuzzy production, but rather seek to jump out of it. 'Thrash In The Heart', as a result, is an expansive record, ever propelling forwards and never looking back. It's sick and sad and lots of fun, and when you're making music that sounds like this, fun is a must.

8/10 The Doc Customer review, 26th January 2018

Got the missus to buy me this from the Faux Discs sale as a random birthday present and was absolutely stoked with it. It's basically a skronking, lo-fi, shoegaze noise, a whole bunch of 90s slacker-rock influences rehashed through a load of distortion peddles, with minimal production and recorded, apparently, in the band's bathroom in Brighton.

Imagine MBV channelling Phoenix-era Warlocks - or vice-versa - with a touch of Weezer's melodic sensibilities and you're getting somewhere close. It's nothing you've not heard before but it's got some slyly memorable tunes on there and they pull off the sloppy druggy rock thing with charm to spare. I love the title, the artwork is great and it's on pink marbled vinyl to boot - not a whole lot to not like about this one.



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