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Despite remaining a staunchly anonymous release, 'POS' is the work of Pyramids of Space, a supposedly loose and roster-based electronic music group based in Cornwall through the mid-nineties, with a strong dedication to respecting classic traditions of the genre. 'POS sounds a lot like ambient and house stalwarts Global Communication. Made by a source unknown to even die-hard fans, it's being released on the ever-elusive Mordant Music label, which hosts similarly-minded artists to the pioneering and experimental electronic label Hyperdub, and has a history of challenging, left-field and varied sounds, be it droning guitar or spoken stories set to music. Mordant Music often hosts artists who swear themselves to the kind of anonymity electronic music has come to both adore and expect. 'POS' -- a long lost cassette release featuring ninety minutes of analogue-informed electronic music over twenty two tracks -- is no different. No credits appear on the cassette's sleeve or blurb, and while it can be compared to a great deal of ambient IDM artists (from Aphex Twin to Polygon Window) its best bet is label founder and musician Brian Mordant himself, who has often released dark electronic and synth works with meditative touchstones.


Mordant Music keep up the mythology of 'POS', integrating it into the music itself, citing "dunes, Pharaohs and curses" as motifs guiding the music. It has the feel -- in the great trio of theme, sound, and anonymity -- of Boards of Canada, who also make uncanny electronic music with little interest in their own role. 'POS' has a nineties vibe and influence (it was supposedly made around the time other early IDM artists were coming into their own) and shows it off. It also makes sure it respects the genre's affection for symbolism and the death of the author: this is ambient music made by an unknown source.

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  • POS by Pyramids of Space


POS by Pyramids of Space
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8/10 Brian Staff review, 01 August 2014

Of the 90 minutes and 22 tracks on this cassette I have heard less than four minutes of it on Soundcloud. Was I naively led to believe there were wee clips for all the tracks available digitally? Maybe so. Alas this is not to be. So basically we have one very enigmatic transmission here that I have to briefly unravel the mysteries of through the word-laden channels of the press release.

Mordant Music has become a very reliable vehicle for much of the best outer-reaches electronica and experimental techno over the years and numerous projects are shrouded in vague, impenetrable back stories . This is one of those. The one clip I've heard suggests early 90's style melodic ambient techno/artificial intelligence style gear. It's great and makes me hunger for the entire collection but that will have to wait until I am back in the office and have access to one of those increasingly erratic and virtually defunct tape deck thingies. Both an obscure free-form Cornish collective from the halcyon days and label head The Baron are bandied around as being possible complicit parties in the construction of these beautiful, dreamy classic electronic sounds.

So. Boards of Canada, Global Communication, AFX/Polygon Window and Baron Mordant are all quietly name-checked in the mystical blurb. I can hear all these things in the four minute clip and my appetite is suitable whetted. So should yours be. Everything on MM is at least worth a careful listen if not an immediate "blind purchase". I'd surmise there's around a 100 of these neat little analogue aural delight dispensers kicking around. This is a highly collectible label dealing in great music. Do the math(s- Clint).


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