She Seems Quite Free by The June Brides

June Brides are one of the more welcome of the constant deluge of re-groupings from the 80s. Led by the quietly adored songwriting legend Phil Wilson, this new three-tracker is sure to appease old balding indie kids like myself and hopefully win them some younger converts with labels such as Captured Tracks and Slumberland forever supping heartily from the overflowing full pint that is the post-punk/C86 sound. The June Brides were seemingly always the bridesmaid. A very pretty one however - help her off that shelf, she's got a bit of cramp bless! Yes, they were even once on the cover of the NME. Legends.

Vinyl 7" £4.99 PAN7DE032

7" on Occultation / Slumberland.

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She Seems Quite Free by The June Brides
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7/10 Clinton 02 October 2014

On a recent trip to Scarborough, I found myself at the helm of a car with a working cassette player and a pile of late 80’s indie-pop compilations. It’s fair to say I was in some kind of heaven even whilst enduring some of the truly awful efforts of the day. It’s also fair to say that June Brides could have fitted onto any of those compilations. They differ in only one aspect….one of them parped a trumpet. In those days this was akin to adding a turntablist to the band. This brand new single isn’t bothered by 30 years of musical progression and instead concentrates on spindly jangling guitars, fey indie-boy vocals and that trumpet parping away.

I’m not sure it would be fair though to call Phil Wilson’s mid song scat on ‘Being There’ a rap as such but its a valiant attempt at modernism. Elsewhere, the title track strums and thrums in an endearingly ramshackle way, at one point breaking into a ‘la la la la’ section. I wonder how it would feel to be a man in your 50’s singing ‘la la la la’? I’m presuming Phil Wilson is ok with it and good on him. Overleaf there’s a slightly tougher effort and I’m convinced that someone else is singing. Anyway its tuneful honest to goodness indie-pop throughout and I’m very glad it exists.


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