‘Coral Cross - 001’ is the debut release from Jorge Elbrecht (Lansing-Dreiden, Haunted Graffiti, Violens) new metal project. Following his collaborative work with Ariel Pink and Caroline Polachek (Chairlift) this record sees Elbrecht move into new stylistic territories, from the tearing Bay area thrash metal intro A side to the lo fi sounding, depressive and rhythmically broken B side.

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Coral Cross - 001 by Jorge Elbrecht
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9/10 Jim 09 September 2014

One of the things I enjoy about the current state of music is the kind of genre cross-pollination and blurring of aesthetic boundaries that digital media saturation seems to foster. This 7” by Jorge Elbrecht’s ‘Choral Thrash’ project Coral Cross is a good example. It consists of two tracks of melodic, Black Metal tinged lo-fi pop. Elements of his previous work are all present; gauzy melodicism, rich guitar textures and layered vocals- with the added distinction here of thrashy, tremolo picked riffs and pounding snares meets double kickdrum pile-ups. However, the all-enveloping lofi aesthetic of the recording puts the emphasis squarely on conjuring up a moody atmosphere rather than trying to bludgeon the listener with the sheer physicality of the sound.

I reckon metal fans will hate this but lovers of Elbrecht won’t be alienated by this seemingly radical departure in style. In fact, I think the sternness of the Black Metalisms sit amazingly well with his dreamy, almost catatonic New Romantic pop sensibility. I know that Black Metal seems to have somehow become a hipster bandwagon in recent years and no doubt this will earn a fatwa from corpse painted purists (God bless ‘em… er, shit I mean, Satan execrate their feeble souls for all eternity), but if it sounds good, who gives a shit?



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