Ms Pretzel by Eric Copeland

Eric Copeland helps make chaotic noise for Brooklyn's treasured Black Dice, and has also been one half of Terrestrial Tones, a project started with Animal Collective's near always screaming folk freak Avey Tare.  'Ms Pretzel' is something a little different if you're only familiar with Copeland from those two projects: an EP of 4/4 dance music, continuing where he left off with 'Joke In The Hole'.



  • Ms Pretzel
  • Sxixo
  • Scum of the Cream
  • A1ezok

Vinyl 12" £12.49 DFA2427LP

12" on DFA.

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Ms Pretzel by Eric Copeland
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9/10 Brian 05 December 2014

As far as boundary-pushing musicians go, warped hardware abusing miscreants Black Dice always took the time and effort to leap that extra sonic hurdle. Just because they were wearing clown suits filled with helium, PCP and custard at the time and often either impaled themselves on the hurdles, belligerently knocked them over or stood laughing uncontrollably at them is by the by. 

Eric C is the most famous and cute one of those three impish guys and here is his latest brilliantly fucked-up record on BD's old home DFA, following several other incredibly disturbing solo offerings for various crazy labels, that all somehow seemed to be infused/stained with the music-corrupting spirit and demonic DNA of his main band. After becoming thoroughly bored and pissed off with the sheer amount of moody techno doing the rounds currently - just go to a Lady Gaga gig and enjoy yourselves ffs ;0) - I have to admit I'd much, much rather listen to the demented cartoon irreverence of 'Ms Pretzel' than the latest album by, say, Perc. 

It's Winter maaaan, I want squelchy mid range gurgling, drunken toytown melodies and the sound of 'Whammy' by The B-52's fed through the musty bowels an insane asylum. I demand manic chuntering cycles of dislocated hee-hawing rhythms gradually shave the inside of my skull to the point you can see the sweaty hamsters breakdancing inside. I want an aural ice cream orgasm to come all over my brain repeatedly. I'd like to see New Blockaders get a guest spot on The Simpsons.

Please, this relentless retarded broken funk and insanely giddy looped cacophany must never stop. I want to cycle to work with it on my MP3 forever laughing my tits off at all the po-faced idiots trudging along to their dismal jobs. I cannot believe this guy has not been arrested for viciously assaulting music. 'Ms Pretzel' resembles musical lego left loose, tumbling and firmly locked in a manically spinning washing machine for all eternity. No-one else can play with it ever again. It'll never be as fun in anybody else's hands. I won't easily get to sleep tonight because of this stupid, childish, ridiculous, preposterous record. It's totally brilliant.


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